Last 40 Boxed games for sale

Door rklok

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16-09-2012, 22:15

Some real nice titles at great start prices

Check this link

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Van Reintji

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17-09-2012, 13:19

And already a madhouse. Tongue

You don't have a Shalom box lying around? Bought a copy of the game, just a cart, but looking for the box.

Van 64k_retro

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17-09-2012, 15:05

Hi There...

Nice collection. I have the Sony MSX1, so I am likely to be in need of Nemesis / Gradius, rather than the 2nd edition - right ?

If the 2nd Edition is suitable for my MSX, then sure, can you make me a Euro offer for this and the Tennis + shipping for me to consider ?

Thanks !!

Van boss_msx

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17-09-2012, 23:58

Nemesis 1,2,3, parodius and salamander will all work on your MSX1 :-)
But do check Space manbow and tell me you don't want that MSX2....

Van 64k_retro

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18-09-2012, 14:37

Hi There...

Thanks for confirming that these titles would also work.

Does this mean you also have Nemesis 1 ?

Thanks !!