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Van meits

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14-10-2012, 15:59

@mesiasmsx: Where did you find your FM-PAC serial number? I've searched mine, but I couldn't find it... Is it perhaps a sticker in the little square on the backside? If so, mine got removed...

Van mesiasmsx

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14-10-2012, 21:50

Hi Meits!

Inside the box, when you open the cover in the backside.

Van Mafcase

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15-10-2012, 18:44

Meits wrote:

Yes, that stuff too... Will add mine as well...
I know the HK stands for Hong Kong (it says it's manufactured there), so I wonder what FF stands for with the computers...

Maybe the FF stands for: 'Fabriquer en France' (Made in France)??

Van Manuel

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15-10-2012, 19:20

You mean "Fabriqué", I guess... ;-)

Van snout

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15-10-2012, 21:28

That doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? At least... weren't those Philips MSX computers produced by Sanyo? (Or is that just a rumor). I doubt they would set up a production facility in France...

Also, I assume the text "Made in Japan" on the bottom means that the device was actually made in Japan, right?

Van meits

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15-10-2012, 21:43

Van meits

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15-10-2012, 21:57

Or take a look at this Sanyo MPC25FS computer.

Van RetroTechie

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16-10-2012, 00:12

@snout: a sticker "Made in country XYZ" should be read as "final assembly in country XYZ".

Beyond that, such labels are meaningless. Just think of how many parts there are in a typical car. And the many places those parts come from. And all the smaller parts that were used to put together bigger parts like seats, airbags, engine, sound system, etc. And all the raw materials that went into everything. With the design of much of that done in yet other places.

(MSX) computers are no different. Countless parts mady by specialist companies all over the place (with production often in low-wage countries).

Van Robosoft

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16-10-2012, 12:31

Back on topic Smile

Some serial numbers:

Sony PRN-C41 plotter: 403162
Philips VY0010/00 : FF00532003065
Philips NMS-1205 : HK009438

Van meits

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16-10-2012, 18:40

In the meanwhile I am beginning to wonder what Sony tries to say with their serial numbers... No matter what product it is (so far), it's 40xxxx oO

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