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Door snout

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31-03-2014, 18:12

Yay! Megapoll time! This time, we're going to find out which is the best Homebrew MSX Game released thus far, as suggested by Manuel in this forum topic.

First things first, so we'll start with asking you which game(s) you would like to nominate to run in this megapoll. After that, it will take several rounds of voting on the MRC Fora before we dust off our front page poll for the grand finale.

A few ground rules:

Please nominate your games using one line per game, stating both the name of the game and the developers. For example:

Not Again! (Flying Bytes)
Bombaman (Team Bomba)

Also, please only nominate comlpete games that actually have been released. Proof of concepts, work in progress, demo versions are not allowed for nomination.

You can nominate as many games as you want, but please don't copy/paste a complete list of homebrew MSX games you found somewhere on the web. Nominate what you deem worthy of the title, or at least what you would like to see competing against all the other games.

Makes sense, doesn't it? Let's vote nominate!

You can send in your nominees until April 13th, 23:59 CET!

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Van anonymous

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31-03-2014, 21:37

3 Square (Emphasys)
Akin (Parallax)
Amazing Cash (Vivid)
Bet your Life (Hegega)
Black Cyclon (Parallax)
Blade Lords (Parallax)
Bomberman (Paragon)
Construction Craze (Paragon)
Dass (MSX Engine)
Dix (MSX Engine)
Dizzy (MSX Engine)
Ducktales (Overflow!)
Eggbert (Fony)
Frantic (Anma)
Gianna Sisters (MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland)
Magnar (Parallax)
Megadoom (First Class Software)
No Fuzz (Anma)
Nosh (Anma)
Not Again (Flying Bytes)
Pixess (Compjoetania)
Playboy Strippoker (First Class Software)
Psycho Ball (RAT)
Pumpkin Adventure (Umax)
Pumpkin Adventure 2 (Umax)
Pumpkin Adventure 3 (Umax)
Quattro (First Class Software)
Realms of Adventure (Umax)
Retaliator (MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland)
Rick Dangerous (Paragon)
Shrines of Enigma (Element)
Solid Snail (Vivid)
Squeek (Anma)
Teachers Terror (Hegega)
Tetris II Special Edition (R.A.M.)
The Witch's Revenge (Umax)
Trojka (BCF)
Troxx (Anma)
Zone Terra (Quadrivium)

Van Manuel

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31-03-2014, 20:54

Not to be forgotten:
Sonyc (Analogy)
KPI Ball (boh-ken)
PaRaDream (RAC House)
Sand Stone (Compoetania TNG)
Manbow 2 (Norakomi etc.)
Ink (Matra)
Match Maniac (Abyss)
The Lost World (UMAX)
HAL (A. Reitsma)
Pleasure Hearts (Kai Magazine)
Best of Hamaraja Night (can't remember at the moment)
The Cure (xls2k)
MJTT (Infinite)
Alter Ego (TNI)

Van hbarcellos

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31-03-2014, 21:08

How about this one:
Escape from Alcatraz
BUT, my favorite game of all times is, believe me or not, a version of Santa Paravia for MSX-Basic.
As the code was in Basic, small changes were made from person to person (between spreading it on those famous "unsorted" disks). The person who got it, got it as Bologna&Milano and changed to "Duelo dos Reinos" before giving it to me.

I'm yet to see that kind of addiction on a text-based game.

Van hap

Paragon (2042)

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31-03-2014, 21:30

(I didn't include Dutch 90s stuff, see Meits's post Tongue)

===== *.rom ======
Alien 8 Remake (M.Pazos, D.Celemin)
Alter Ego (MSXdev'11 TNI)
BeTiled! (MSXdev'07 CEZ GS)
Bomb Jack (Kralizec)
British Bob (MSXdev'09 RELEVO)
Caos Begins (MSXdev'07 Hikaru Games)
Daedalian Opus (MSXdev'06 Karoshi)
Danger Tower (MSXdev'08 Danger Team)
Deep Dungeon (MSXdev'08 Trilobyte)
Dr. Pill (MSXdev'09 Infinite)
Gommy Medieval Defender (MSXdev'13 Dimension Z - NeneFranz)
Griel's Quest for the Sangraal (MSXdev'05 Karoshi)
Heroes Arena (MSXdev'10 Imanok)
INK - Exxon Surfing (2006) (Matra)
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters (Relevo)
Jailbreak (Passion'10 Infinite)
Knight Lore Remake (M.Pazos, D.Celemin)
La Corona Encantada (MSXdev'08 Karoshi)
Lotus F3 (MSXdev'07 dvik&joyrex)
Majikazo (Kralizec)
Malaika (MSXdev'13 Relevo)
Malaika - Prehistoric Quest (MSXdev'06 Karoshi)
Manbow 2 (TNI)
Monster Hunter 2.3.2 (cartridge, Nerlaska)
Montana John and the Templar's Treasure (Infinite)
Mr. Cracksman (MSXdev'14 Relevo)
Parachuteless Joe (MSXdev'05 Paxanga)
Pengo (Paxanga)
Perfect Fit (Paxanga)
QBIQS (MSXdev'10 Z80ST Software)
Retaliot (MSXdev'09 Video Hazard)
RNFF (MSXdev'06 Infinite)
Saimazoom (MSXdev'05 Karoshi)
Seleniak (MSXdev'04 Mark II)
Shouganai (MSXdev'13 Paxanga)
SHIFT (Passion'09 Infinite)
Sink King (MSXdev'04 Mark II)
Sudoku (MSXdev'06 dvik&joyrex)
The Cure (MSXdev'05 XL2S)
The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Kralizec)
Traffic Jam (MSXdev'06 Imanok)
Txupinazo! (MSXdev'07 Imanok)
Universe Unknown (MSXdev'05 Infinite)
Zombie Incident (MSXdev'11 nenefranz)

===== *.dsk ======
Anaconda (M-Kai)
Ark-A-Noah (Matra)
Ball Quest (Alone Coder)
Be-Bop Bout (Mar'Z Project)
Fighter's Ragnarok (Delta-Z)
F-Nano 2' (XRAY)
Knuckle Duster (AGO Soft, OB Project)
Kyokugen (M-Kai)
Meterorite Kiss (Suzumaki)
Moon Light Saga (MapleYard)
Pleasure Hearts (M-Kai)
Pentaro Odyssey (Cabinet)
Pentaro Odyssey 2 (Cabinet)
Sonyc (Analogy)

Van meits

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31-03-2014, 21:41

Manuel wrote:

Not to be forgotten:
HAL (A. Reitsma)

Wasn't Heel Apart Labyrinth an MCM listing?

Van anonymous

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31-03-2014, 21:51

Because amazingly they were not named yet:

Bombaman (Team Bomba)
Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Kralizec)

(Skip the last one, hap mentioned it)

Van Manuel

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31-03-2014, 22:08

Meits: yes, but the author was a hobbyist, of course.

Van fransx

Supporter (14)

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31-03-2014, 22:38

I bet for:

SHMUP! (Imanok)
Teodoro no sabe volar (Retroworks)
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters (Relevo)
La Corona Encantada (Karoshi)
Don't Cock It Up (Matra)
Ink (Matra)
Moskow 2024 (Matra)
Ark-A-Noah (Matra)
KPI Ball (boh-ken)
Manbow 2
Krazilec's Tetris (Krazilec)
Caos Begins (Hikaru Games)
Betiled! (CEZ Team)
Qbiqs (Z80ST Software)
Phantomas Saga Infiniti (Karoshi)

Van syn

Prophet (2123)

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31-03-2014, 23:48

Slender - The Camping (Pentacour)
Pixiedust (Darkstone)
The Adventures of Moron van der Slut - Escape from Castro Castro (TNI)

I'd nominate more but those were already mentioned by others.

Van Grauw

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01-04-2014, 00:58

Leprechaun (Triple Soft)
Brisk (Triple Soft)
Brisk 2 (Triple Soft)
Bozo’s Big Adventure (Cain)
Shuffle Puck (MAD)
Moon Light Saga (Maple Yard)
Arc (Parallax)

And what was that Dutch game called where you could drive around in tanks, on big maps? You could play multiplayer and lay down mines and stuff. I think they made two of them. Played that a lot.

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