Searching megademo installable on CF...

Door BraK

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05-01-2006, 18:48


Is there somewhere on this earth the versions for HDD of Metal limit & Unknow Reality ??
It's for use with the great CF Big smile

Thanks & Grtx,

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Van meits

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05-01-2006, 18:49

Unknown Reality can be installed on harddisk, so I see no reason for it not te be able to run from CF...

Metal Limit: no idea, really...


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05-01-2006, 20:25

UR needs just enough RAM to run from HDD... I think it needs 256 or 512KB, can't really recall, but it is more than it is needed to run it from disk.

I think it is same with ML. At least I have ML in my HDD and it works just fine... Maybe it needed MAP2 to be run before you were able to start it...

For both demos, just copy all the files to same directory from all of the disks.


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05-01-2006, 21:12

UR wants 256KB Tongue so i doubt it that it will run from hd or cf with only 256KB of mem.....

You need the latest version of UR to run it on a turbo R Tongue

Van Manuel

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05-01-2006, 22:08

Metal Limit runs on harddisk as well, AFAIK it needs only 128k, but maybe indeed also 32k extra for DOS2.
UR needs 256k *without* DOS2, so, with DOS2 the 32k extra.

Van BraK

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06-01-2006, 00:43

Thanks guys !
I've installed these two powerfull demos and all works GREAT !!!
It's a pleasure !!!
I've just need to use & for 100% working ;-)