Problem saving game with SD-SNATCHER Project Melancholia.

Door javilevel

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21-10-2014, 23:43


First sorry for my english.

I'm javi from Spain, and I buyed a copy of this excellent translation, but I have a problem.

I have a MSX turbo R with 512k, with a PADIAL SD CARD, And a Megaflash Rom SCC.

I write de three disks in the memory of the SD card, and when I boot de game's runs ok. but when I'm trying to save the game I have a lot of problems.

I press de F2 key to save, choose the user's disks but the Fdd dont charge. The game dont do the signal to the FDD. My FDD is OK.

I tried to charge the three SD-SNATCHER disks and the four disk I put the users disk. And when I go to save state, y chose the user disk and now the game makes me chosse a number 0 to 9. But when I chose anyone it doesnt work.

trying and trying this now, when I start my MSX and boot the game, my MSX goes directly to the BASIC.

What's happen?

I tried to erase the boot in the SD, and tried another SDMMCEP with the three disks, but goes directly to the BASIC.

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Van Imanok

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21-10-2014, 23:58

You must be disabling any other disk interface with the parameters sent to SDMMCEP. That's why the FDD doesn't seem to work.

Van Moniz

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22-10-2014, 08:35

Do you use a blank dsk image as userdisk?
IIRC a user disk came with the patch that has to be used.

Van javilevel

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24-10-2014, 23:00

Thanks the problem is solved.

The problem is in the modificator of the command SDMMCEP /b /f. The /f don't make me save in the SD.