SPI Ethernet interface

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Door geijoenr

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14-02-2015, 17:50

I have been looking around for ethernet interfaces but it doesn't seem to be much available for MSX at the moment, is that correct?

part of the "roadmap" of Fuzix is to have tcp/ip and it would be nice to have something to play with in real hardware.

I have found some cheap SPI ethernet modules that seem quite straightforward to plug to an MSX:


does anybody have any hints on the best way to prototype this into a cartridge? I guess it would be ideal to memory map the IO in the same as it is done with other SPI interfaces.


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Van Manuel

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14-02-2015, 19:54

You could try to get a (2nd hand) DenYoNet interface...

What's the current status of MSX FUZIX?

Van st1mpy

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14-02-2015, 20:52

Is that SPI interface the one you found inside MegaFlashRom?
So, is it possible to connect other SPI devices through the MegaFlashRom? What does that mod look like? It would be nicer to have a separate SPI cartridge though.

Van geijoenr

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14-02-2015, 21:29

I see the IC in the denyonet is similar to the one in the link; I will ask around to see if somebody want's to sell one.

@st1mpy, yes the the sdcard inside megaflashrom uses SPI. No it is not possible to connect other SPI devices through the megaflashrom. I haven't done any mod!

I want to make a cartridge with a connector to plug an ethernet module like the one in the link; that would make the simplest possible ethernet interface for MSX.

Fuzix is ongoing, unstable as usual because the kernel is evolving a lot. The coolest feature ongoing I think is support for "far calls" in the linker. Which means it will be possible to port big unix sofware. I have the feeling a Fuzix in a TurboR could become a rather usable Unix box (text mode, don't get too excited).


Van st1mpy

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14-02-2015, 21:48

How about just using a serial RS-232c cartridge + one of those RS-232c to Ethernet converter thing (quite a few comes up when you google).

Van user888

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15-02-2015, 11:06

I've experimented with a Sony RS232 cartridge and a Raspberry Pi. Got it working in an evening or two using PPP on the Rapsberry Pi side.

I was lucky to find a Denyonet, so am now using that.

Van Guillian

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03-03-2015, 13:45

I tried it last week and worked fine (^_^)
I connected a ENC28J60 Arduino shield to an SPI implemented in the FPGA, ported the Arduino library to Z80 assembler and wrote an UNAPI BIOS for the device (based on Konamiman work).
Using InterNestor Lite I could access internet and share MSX drives with the PC (Windows 7) using SMB.

Van giangiacomo.zaffini

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03-03-2015, 13:47

I find myself always amazed by seing smart people as You at work.
Indeed it is the reason behind the fact that I'm used to read this forum.
Well done Guillian! Smile

Van edoz

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03-03-2015, 15:08

i suggest also a DenyoNet! .. it would be cool if Yobi & Dennis would create a new batch .. i will order one Big smile Probably SymbOS will support the Denyonet in the future.

Van Grauw

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03-03-2015, 18:11

Fwiw, I would also order one...

Van Manuel

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03-03-2015, 22:06

And I'm pretty sure that Mr. Geijo would also like to get one for Fuzix!

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