SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system - help needed!

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Van edoz

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21-06-2016, 11:29

karloch wrote:
edoz wrote:

Hi Karloch, I think this must be not to difficult to do! Maybe i can use the current Tetris project to build a network version. Cool idea!

I took a look at the TetriNET protocol specification and well, it's fairly simple! Even a MSX could do it. TetriNET client to server messages. It would be fun because a MSX could join a match with other clients from Windows, OSX or Linux.

This protocol seem indeed not to difficult. Would be an interesting project. And fun to play against a PC or other client. I will think about it. Maybe i can do it.

Van sjamaan

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07-07-2016, 00:25

Hey, I have a WSX with 256kb RAM and a mouse...also just a floppy disk...
When I boot SymbOS it gets to the desktop but the mouse won't move..
I am sure that the mouse works..brand new...and it at least works with
games in joystick looks like the desktop is frozen...
Is it because I boot from MSX-DOS and the memory is not allocated...
memtest shows 64kb main mem and slot 3.1 256kb ram...
SymbOS say that you should boot MSX-DOS2 if you have externally mapped this thing booting with only 64kb and crashing on startup?
Also, the WSX has the MSX-DOS2 kernel but only MSX-DOS ROMs...
anyway program that I can run from MSX-DOS to allocate the memory before
starting SymbOS?

I am planning on buying an MegaFlash SCC+ from giullian for the purpose of using it
with a couple different models sony msx2...but I can't even seem to get
SymbOS running right now...or the mouse working...


Van edoz

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07-07-2016, 11:01

SymbOS takes the default mapper which is assigned in DOS2. Maybe it is not a mapper problem but a driver problem?
If you start SymbOS, it will load the device (storage) driver into memory which was selected during setup.

Did you run symsetup.exe and was the driver added to the storage device?
You can also try to use the keyboard after booting SymbOS. (CTRL+ESC) will open the start- menu. (Then you know if it is a mouse problem) If you can't open the startmenu using the keyboard probably SymbOS was not able to find your storage device.
If you can open the start menu using the keyboard it could be that the mouse was not detected. Then you can use GRPH+SELECT to re- detect the mouse. This can also be used if you decide to switch the mouse on a different joystick port after booting SymbOS.

Hope it helps...

Van ImATrackMan

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08-07-2016, 05:12

For some reason, after first installing the 3.0 "upgrade" for 2.8 (or 2.9?) PT3 files stopped playing in symamp. After reverting back to an unmodified installation, they still continued to not play, and even now, with the full 3.0 release, they're still silent. The previously included Stakos files play fine, why is this?

All using a MFRSCC+ SD, the systems this was found on are:
Panasonic FS-A1mk2, 64k RAM
Sony HB-F1XD, 64k RAM
Sony HB-F1XDJ, 1024k RAM
Sony HB-F1XDJ, 512k RAM (MFR RAM disabled)

Van edoz

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08-07-2016, 13:55

I never heard about that. Could it be that the files are corrupt somehow? If you download the music files again does that helps? .. very strainge..

Van edoz

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07-09-2016, 09:19

Manuel wrote:

Quigs? Another rename? What happened now?

Trebmint's dog died a while ago.. so he decided to name the project to his dog Big smile He is still busy with a release but it's very time consuming as we all know Big smile

Van edoz

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08-09-2016, 11:25

There is some exciting news going on in the CPC community at the moment. There is a new piece of hardware developed by Duke, a CPC user from Denmark. It's called the M4 . The device has WIFI and a SD card. During the past weeks Prodatron was busy to develop a driver for it (For SymbOS) Yesterday he was able to do some first stable tests! So we had a chat session using the CPC with Wifi network! On the CPC Wiki there is some screenshots and information about it.

It is not MSX news .. but cool SymbOS news !! Let's hope the CPC will make a lot of network applications so we will have the benefit!

Link tot CPC Wiki

Van karloch

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09-09-2016, 00:32

So cool! It's great to see your software working also in a CPC computer Smile

Van edoz

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26-09-2016, 21:49

Trebmint fixed a network issue today which i had already for a long time!
The cool part is now that i can continue my work on the IRC client for MSX.

Today i did some tests and was lucky to have a very short chat with FiXato on #openmsx


My PC:

I will make it better and hope to release it in the future so everyone can use it! At least i can share you the first real test!

Van Manuel

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26-09-2016, 22:47

haha, so cool! But better not name it 'mirc'....

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