MSX History - Article - MSX, Konami and HP64000

MSX History - Article - MSX, Konami and HP64000

van mtini op 22-05-2016, 21:17
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Marcelo Tini of MSX History published an article talking about the MSX, Konami and computer HP64000 and the relationship between them. Konami used the HP 64100 Logic Development System to develop software for MSX and other platforms.

Relevant Link: MSX, Konami and HP64000 - article

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Van flyguille

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23-05-2016, 00:49

so, what is new? that is an old story well known.

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23-05-2016, 05:20

Van OdontoMan

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24-05-2016, 14:40

I didn't see it before. I'll read it now... Cool