MSX Meeting Nijmegen 2017 experience

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Van meits

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afbeelding van meits

28-02-2017, 11:33

In the 90s I always had a badge... Not that I wanted to, but it was a way to get in for free, skip the queue at the entrance and have a place to park your bag and jacket and let friends sell your stuff Big smile

But how necessary is it now? There are tons of pictures in the photoshoots with people's names with it. You can know how the people you want to know look like. I rarely ever visit a fair, but I know most of your faces.

Van ren

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afbeelding van ren

28-02-2017, 12:33

Could be nice for people to which it appeals to, it does lower some barriers. The scene is rather small though, you can also just walk up to someone and ask if you perhaps now them from the webz/forums.. Good excuse to get to know people Wink

hamlet wrote:

Yes, I didn´t saw a ghost there either.

Probably been trapped...

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