call MSX #7 in English?

Door SaebaMSX

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28-08-2006, 11:19

Hi MSX users,

The call MSX crew are thinking in the possibility of creating this new issue in English language.
We did it in the past for a special number (last Bussum fair), but the new one would be completely new, not a mix of older numbers.

We would like to know if the efforts to create such number in English are appreciated outside Spain. We know that a paper magazine is not cheap since printing is not and sending via mail does not help. We could think of studying different ways of doing it (like printing it in different countries). We also like to do it as Hnostar or MCCM did in the past (using offset), but it depends on the number of issues printed. Actually we do it as "digital printing" and you can see the results on older numbers. Until now, price was 6 euro excluding shipping costs, and most of the issued had 60 or more DIN A4 pages.

We also know that most of MSX information is available on internet, so a "news" magazine has no interest. Because of that we try to add contents which can't be found there, as "game guides & maps", "howtos", "game previews", "technical articles", etc. And, in fact, call MSX was born because other paper publications died in Spain and we still enjoy reading paper magazines, since it is part of MSX world from the beginning.

Unfortunately (or not, it depends how you see it), call MSX members cannot complete every number directly, so other MSXers from Spain (or The Netherlands, Argentina, Japan...) have helped us to do it. So, collaboration is always welcome.

Well, after all this information, we would appreciate your reactions to this post to help us to see if making this magazine in English is needed or not for the MSX community... outside Spain.


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Van ivke2006

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28-08-2006, 13:01

Well, most information is indeed available on the internet and also faster then a paper magazine can deliver it but if you can deliver added value beside the internet sites like MRC than it would be interesting.
Like your stated already, the focus should be on reviews/previews, howtos and technical atricles like for example a small programming or gamedev course (basics in gamdev, game structure and techincal solutions, etc..).
I think some developments like symbos and 1CMSX will create an increase of MSX activity so things enough to write about, I think/hope.

It would be nice to have a paper magazine again, english is fine by me and it would create a bigger userbase. Maybe it's even a good idea to reserve the last page for the translation of the most important articles to japanese (if you can find a translator Smile ) this would open the door for japanese subscribers and then the magazine can act as a informationchannel to inform japan about european msx activities.


Yes, I want a paper magazine! Smile

Van Manuel

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28-08-2006, 13:07

I'd buy it Smile

Van Abi

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28-08-2006, 14:07

i will buy it too Smile

Van AuroraMSX

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28-08-2006, 14:15

\o/ Yes! \o/

/me too! I really liked the previous english 'Call MSX' and would love to see a new issue!

Van Hydlide

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28-08-2006, 14:23

/me would subcribe/buy it! Even if the price was relatively high but quality high as well (like recent MSX magazine from japan)

Van Haohmaru

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28-08-2006, 16:17

The Bussum Edition of Call MSX made me buy the other (Spanish) editions at RU 28, so yes I would buy a new (English) issue of Call MSX Big smile

Van SaebaMSX

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28-08-2006, 22:47

/me would subcribe/buy it! Even if the price was relatively high but quality high as well (like recent MSX magazine from japan)

It is impossible to get that amount of pages / high quality. Tongue Anyway, we will do our best if we finally decide to do it in English.

If other MSX clubs are interested in the distribution of call MSX it in their respective countries, help is appreciated. It could be discussed, just contact me. Smile

Thank you for your kind words.

Sjoerd, you are tha buyer!! Wink

Van BraK

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15-09-2006, 01:19

This 7th issue in English sounds good !!!!

Of course I'll buy several for France !!!
Just have a look at your mailbox Seaba, I've just written about the last Bussum issue ;-)



Van selios2000

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15-09-2006, 13:46

and doing it only in english???

Van SaebaMSX

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15-09-2006, 18:20

Yes, doing it only in English... are you afraid, selios? (I am not the one having that high level in English language... TongueTongueTongue ) Wink

BraK, I did not receive your mail... try to contact me in this address instead: saebamsx (at) gmail (dot) com
I have problem with 2 of my mail addresses lately so maybe you used one of them, I'm afraid. And I am really interested in what you wrote about. Smile