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26-06-2017, 14:36

I was just watching another episode of Techmoan when I ran into this:


I see MSX & Xevious there. Does anyone have any idea/clue?

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Van Louthrax

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26-06-2017, 21:15

Totally clueless on your question, but those VHD video devices are soooooooooo cool and vintage!


Enlighted (6093)

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26-06-2017, 21:49

I don't think there is much information available online...


Van TheWhipMaster

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26-06-2017, 22:50

xevious map ?
Like in this video https://youtu.be/nPEN_Jdd71E or the Japanese copy of Manuel site http://msx.jpn.org/tagoo/s_check.cgi?LINE=533&PHOTO=1

Van Louthrax

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26-06-2017, 23:44

Mmmm... if we had some video dumps (in MPEG or Theora) of those games, maybe I could adapt my Raspberry PiLD LaserDisc application to VHD (demo here). We'd just need to reverse-engineer the communication protocol with the VHD player, but that should not be too complex (probably something close from the infra-red signal, like on the LaserDisc).

Has anybody here ever seen or been able to launch a VDH MSX game on a real hardware? Sounds like the top vintage dream to me... launching an MSX game from tape and having the background video on a vinyl disk :RNFF:

Van andrea.denara

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27-06-2017, 17:26

I'm sorry, I've seen lasrdisk on some Pioneer msx1 systems.
What's the tech about it? I think VDP TMS991.... has an Input from external video signal.
If so... can be possible use an external video source to design screen? I think to a Raspberry for example.