CRIMSON 2 MSX2 question.


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11-01-2018, 02:46

Hello everyone, I'd like to know if Crimson 2 has a time limit, let's say
"GAME OVER for End of days ..."
I have a problem in this regard, I have many hours of play and there comes a time when using SAVE DISK the game replaces my SAVE by a NO DATA,
IT'S TERRIBLE, I'm in the final part of the game but I need to raise levels ... and I do not know if I'll be able to finish the game whiout save option...,
is this behavior of the game normal?or is some kind of bug?
thanks in advance.

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11-01-2018, 08:13

I happen to own a boxed copy of Crimson 2 with the manual, and I can read Japanese, so I looked up the save system just now, and there is one rather odd point about it: apparently, if any one of your party members is poisoned, you CANNOT save your game. So if you have anyone poisoned in your party, you need to cure that person before saving, or it won't register.

That seems to be the only oddity -- otherwise, it operates like any other save system -- but I'm betting that's the cause of the issue. If you can't read the text, you might think you successfully saved, when in fact you had a poisoned party member and the save didn't go through.

If that's not the cause of the problem, though, then I'm not sure what else it could be. I haven't spent much time with the game at all, so I can only go by what's in the manual, but it doesn't sound like there are any other restrictions on the save system -- at least, not any that are documented.

Hope this helps, though!



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11-01-2018, 14:18

Hey!thanks for the response,i play the original game too,
is amazing how usseless is the Map xD.
i know Django have a translation but i like record my own games for my channel,is just an excuse for do give live the disk and computers...,
this game is a little tricky because you have not images of the items and the equipment to the Characters is hard if you dont know Japanese...,remember me Last Armageddon.

now i have 3 save states in the last part of the game,i hope be capable to see the end LOL! ,thanks for the tip on poison,
but i find really weird the game replace a save for NO DATA in any case...,
thanks again!.


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12-01-2018, 03:34

After many hours of play, and especially for things I've seen this afternoon, I'm starting to think that this game can crash in TURBO R.


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04-02-2018, 17:52


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21-12-2018, 17:14

CRIMSON 2 Full english translation

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21-12-2018, 18:14

Thanks for the hard work Django. Another RPG to replay.

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22-12-2018, 05:11

DJANGO wrote:

CRIMSON 2 Full english translation

Hi DJANGO, great to know a translation exists! Another game playable for us westerners on the system we love. On the site you linked to it says to contact you by e-mail but I could not find your e-mail address on that site or the forum. Could you let us know what it is?

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22-12-2018, 10:36

It would be nice if your full translations were available in the downloads section.

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14-01-2019, 18:57

Hi guys, I am trying to play Last Armageddon these days but I have a similar problem with ENDDEMOGAMITAINA: I think I save the game (unfortunately I cannot read Japanese) but when I try to load it from the diskette I get a NoData message! Does anyone know why?