Sonicware ELZ-1 synthesizer: FM & SCC!

Door Grauw

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16-03-2018, 21:10

The new Sonicware ELZ-1 synthesizer not only does 4-op FM synthesis, but also has an wavetable synth they call “8bit wavemem synth”, which works exactly like the SCC! (32 steps of 8-bit values). @ 3:21 @ 4:11 @ 1:47

Has an interesting FM waveform generation feature for the SCC mode too! (this can work on SCC too!) And wave morphing.

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Van Grauw

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16-03-2018, 21:19

Here’s a pretty nice SCC-sound video on the maker’s Twitter account, listen to this!

Van FiXato

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16-03-2018, 23:49

That sounds pretty cool Smile


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17-03-2018, 01:59

Nice find! (I see the designer loves MSX in a response to your tweet)

Van Grauw

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17-03-2018, 02:57

Haha yeah nice, so it’s definitely no coincidence Big smile.

The sine waves also have upper harmonics due to stepping, so he’s not interpolating the waves either. Pretty authentic.