vampire killer crashes (japanese version)

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Van Samor

Prophet (2171)

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25-01-2007, 10:40

yes, it's belmont. that was just a stupid joke (in the msx version, when simon's hit it sounds a bit like a bell (in the NES version it's more like he's saying "ugh" or something)... in Dutch the joke would be better (belmond).

Van Manuel

Ascended (19320)

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25-01-2007, 19:52

Ghe, sorry, I didn't get it Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Van gdx

Enlighted (6116)

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20-12-2019, 02:41

compile81 wrote:

most of the times when i walk to the next screen the game freezes and my msx resets.

I had exactly the same issue when the game was released. I bought it in a shop and I changed it, but since there was always the same issue, so I got my money back. It seems there are buggy versions. I had an HB-F700 at the time.

Van hashem

Resident (64)

afbeelding van hashem

21-12-2019, 17:09

its happened to me...the solution very simple :-

put the cartridge in msx computer then run the power hold ctrl key until konami appear then the game will not freeze

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