Daewoo CPC400/CPC400S old stock in South Korea

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Door Pac

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24-08-2019, 00:40

Is there someone aware of this finding? There seems to be a huge old stock of both CPC400 versions from schools:


Did someone contact the seller? If so, is it possible to buy one unit outside Korea? Other details... ;)

Just add that this model features some peculiarities such as different MSX-ENGINE IC and RAM slot configuration and CPC400S includes a superimposer.

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Van max_iwamoto

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25-08-2019, 02:25

Nice find. I would love to get a unit. Preferably with keyboard. But looks like Yamaha keyboard from YIS805 may fit as well...

Van rderooy

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afbeelding van rderooy

25-08-2019, 10:20

Incredible find.

In the last post there are lots of keyboards shown. So getting a keyboard with it should hopefully not be an issue. Makes you wonder what may still emerge from warehouses...

Van gdx

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25-08-2019, 13:56


Van Grauw

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25-08-2019, 14:40

Maybe some of us can do a group import? That would also reduce the hassle for that person.

Van Manuel

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25-08-2019, 18:45

I'm interested!

Van alexito

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25-08-2019, 19:43

I'm Interested if Keyboard is Included.
I live in USA.

Van syn

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25-08-2019, 20:17


Van hamlet

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25-08-2019, 20:23

Who wants to organize a collective order to Europe?

Van Louthrax

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25-08-2019, 22:25

Interested too if keyboard is included. The unusual configuration of that model makes it an interesting "test" setup !

Van meits

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25-08-2019, 23:07

Depending on the price I'm interested in a complete/working set. Guessing its present owner is not a private person, I guess the price would not be rediculous. So to who might want to organize it: until things are clear, consider me on the list with an asterisk Wink

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