PACO2 - Paco El Bombas Again

PACO2 - Paco El Bombas Again

van ro op 15-03-2021, 09:13
Onderwerp: Software

The creator of Paco El Bombas, Physical Dreams, recently announced the follow up of his game, called Paco2. Reservations for this full featured game for MSX1 has now begun. ¡Viva las bombas!

It was not long ago that we posted about Physical Dream's Bomb Jack tribute game called Paco El Bombas and the updated Redux edition. We even have it on file here at MRC. José Luis Salguero, the man behind this software house, took Paco, flipped it, turned it in-side-out, shaked and hussled it and came up with a super new version of the game. Paco2 was born.

The game will be available in English, Spanish, and in Italian language. Yes, it is multi lingual. This MSX1 based title is packed with strong PSG tunes, brill graphics and smooth game play. The new Paco adventure begins right where Paco the Bombas left off.

To get the game released as a physical 64Kbit cartridge, fully boxed, with a colorful manual and even an added comic, Physical Dreams have opened reservations. To reserve your game, send an email to The physical version will be for sale for 26 euros. Expect to play Paco2 in spring this year.

Relevant link: In game video footage

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Reacties (7)

Van Sander

Founder (1872)

afbeelding van Sander

15-03-2021, 09:31

I like the music. Is this PSG? Wow. It could use some more sound effects, I mean when the player dies there's no sound effect. Maybe it is for the speed of the game, I don't know. The graphics look very good too.

Van Over Wiz

Supporter (9)

afbeelding van Over Wiz

15-03-2021, 16:08

It really is a very good game, beautiful and colorful graphics, brilliant Paco animations, 5 songs ... and the great gameplay to which Physical Dreams has accustomed us. An authentic must have

Van Sandy Brand

Champion (309)

afbeelding van Sandy Brand

15-03-2021, 18:04

Looks and sounds great! Smile

Van valkyre

Paladin (699)

afbeelding van valkyre

15-03-2021, 19:37

Great looking game

Van defdanny

Scribe (391)

afbeelding van defdanny

16-03-2021, 07:48

What a great PSG soundtrack! Reminds me of the chiptunes from the ZX Speccy scene. I am a big fan of the "Euro" PSG Style (arpeggio, 4/4 drums, medium speed)! Graphics and gameplay seems very smooth and polished.

Van Gloriou

Master (204)

afbeelding van Gloriou

17-03-2021, 17:08

Nice music and a new challenge! can't wait to have it Smile

Van andongniao_vnb

Rookie (23)

afbeelding van andongniao_vnb

08-04-2021, 14:07

Addictive like the first Paco El Bombas! Cool