moonblaster wave in basic

Door TheKid

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15-06-2021, 11:54

Hi there,

I am playing mwm files in basic. Is there a way to change the volume in basic. I know there is a _mbFade(x), but I can't find a _mbVolume(x).

And if there is no _mbVolume, is there another way to manipulate the volume in basic ?

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Van TheKid

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16-06-2021, 16:47


Van ToriHino

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16-06-2021, 17:40

No, indeed there is no call from basic to modify the volume. On the other hand, it should not be that hard to add one additional call to the driver (all sources are available) and make use of the fade mechanism to set a specific volume.

Van msd

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16-06-2021, 18:39

Depending where you want to use it for, you could also change the master volume of the OPL4 (level 0 to 7) Big smile

Van TheKid

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17-06-2021, 09:40

@msd: Okay, and how do I change the opl4 master volume in basic ?