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17-07-2021, 16:57

The often raised question about Blaster Burn Budruga Wars III is that none of the other three Budruga installments - Final Justice/Guardic/Gulkave mentions Budruga. At least neither the English Guardic manual nor the Japanese Sega SG-1000 Gulkave manual does. Another raised issue is why Blaster Burn (1989) comes before Gulkave (1986).
Take a look at the Blaster Burn longplay video. Around 0:36 the Disc Station 04's prerelease announcement explicitly states Blaster Burn is the sequel to Final Justice and Guardic, so it's not the ad hoc retcon. Budruga is spelled "Badruga" there though. What Badruga/Budruga means is unexplained. I noticed they share 6 characters with "Guardic".
Fast forward to 1:20:54 showing the game ending, the Budruga installments are explained so I translated the text. The spellings were taken from the Blaster Burn episode titles and SG-1000 Gulkave manual except Baduga which wasn't spelled in alphabets anywhere. Zaiigar is sic.
Guardic II escaped from the planet Galium and headed for Earth.

The long battle with Gorth has come to an end.
However, there is an enemy even greater than Gorth in front of us, the Gulbas.

[Final Justice]
The Earth Calendar 2812
Two-thirds of the Earth has been destroyed by the invasion of Gorth. With Final Justice, the last hope of humanity, it was thought that Gorth in the solar system had been completely defeated.

The Earth Calendar 2814
The remnants of Gorth were discovered to have set up a base on an uninhabited island on Earth, and they launched an attack on every detail of the planet. Guardic, a fighter for ground combat, was completed and destroyed them.

[Blaster Burn]
The Earth Calendar 2822
Re-attack of Gorth begins. Using numerous technologies discovered in the ruins of the Gorth base on the uninhabited island, Guardic was drastically modified to cope with space, air, and ground battles, and Guardic II was completed. It was launched to the planet Galium, the home of Gorth.

"Image Fight"
"Mothership Gulgoth"
"Planet Graia"
"Planet Quarim"
"Planet Diate"
"Asteroid belt Dimo"
"Planet Galium"

When Guardic II reached the planet Galium, it was already occupied by Gulbas, the organization of the planet Baduga.

After receiving information that Gulbas was building eight bases in the solar system where Earth is located, Guardic II brought the information back to Earth and used new technology to complete the fighter "Zaiigar" in preparation for the battle against Gulbas.

The story then continues to [Gulkave]......

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18-07-2021, 01:35

Thank you very much for this. Smile I've used this ending translation on my Blaster Burn longplay video on YouTube, with few minor edits. If you could also translate the announcement texts from Disc Station #4 and the ending from Blaster Burn #7, that would be excellent. You're already credited in the video for the translation in the beginning of the video.