Unmetal a metal gear inspired game

Door TheKid

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afbeelding van TheKid

29-09-2021, 08:57

If you like metal gear (who doesn’t Smile) have a look at This

Its clear where they’ve got their inspiration. Apperently konami missed this one, being so keen on people doing something the metal gear francise.

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Van Mumbly

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afbeelding van Mumbly

29-09-2021, 14:56

Yes, I like the humor they used in this little game, it's also well designed by the way.

Van Grauw

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29-09-2021, 15:01

The developer fran (of Ghost and Prisoner of War fame) posted about it too. I like the humour! :)

Van Randam

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29-09-2021, 16:08

Yeah it looks really fun; I hope Fran will do a back port for msx2 or gfx9000, but I am guessing this is unlikely...

Van Takamichi

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16-02-2022, 14:12

Thank you for telling a nice game, TheKid. I was late to notice this post, but you will never be forgotten.