Proposal to change default openMSX's debugger disasm scrolling

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Van Manuel

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27-02-2022, 14:38

mcolom wrote:

Also related to the debugger, I've added a comment about this commit: since I think that a different bug could be introduced, since after that it's not possible to add new breakpoints, at least for me.

Should be fixed now, I guess I should test the PR's before merging them....

Anyway, I'm also happy with these contributions, but please make sure to test properly and check for warnings and run time messages before submitting the PR. I don't have a lot of time these days.

Van mcolom

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27-02-2022, 15:02

You're totally right, Manuel.
Actually a "make -B" didn't trigger any warnings with the provided Makefile, that's why I didn't notice it before Grauw told me. Perhaps we should have a look at the GNUMakefile? Because I remember having seen a -Wall, but it didn't seem to detect the uninitialized variables.
In any case, thanks for taking the time to looking at it, fixing, and merging. And yes... we need to be more careful.

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