Wammes Witkop passed away

Wammes Witkop passed away

van snout op 20-06-2022, 00:09
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Source: Tweakers (Dutch)

It's with great sadness that we have to report you that, after a short sickbed, Dutch MSX legend Wammes Witkop has passed away on June 18th 2022, at 70 years of age.

In the 1980s, Wammes was publisher and editor in chief of MSX Computer Magazine (MCM). He would keep publishing MCM and its successor MCCM until 1997, his magazines being one of the driving forces behind the activity of the Dutch MSX scene in the 1990s.
For those interested, these are archived here.

Wammes was an imposing man - his huge stature only rivaled by his big heart.

We would like to express our gratitude to Wammes for sharing his unique and remarkable personality with us, as well as his seemingly infinite enthusiasm for MSX. Wammes, for an important period in time, you truly guided us through life...
Much strength wished to everyone who loved him.

Farewell, you magnificent gentle giant!

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  • Wammes Witkop passed away

Reacties (52)

Van snout

Ascended (15187)

afbeelding van snout

20-06-2022, 01:05

... thanks for everything, Wammes.

Van MrRudi

Hero (525)

afbeelding van MrRudi

20-06-2022, 02:29

Very sad to hear about this. Wammes was a unique character that meant a lot to the Dutch MSX scene, I think snout said it as well as anyone could: his big heart and endless enthusiasm were a great inspiration for the many hobbyists in the MSX scene, many who - like myself - were teens and still growing up. I guess he was a bit of a father to all of us, and I for one feel grateful and happy that I knew this man and I will cherish the many talks we had about computers.

Van meits

Scribe (6581)

afbeelding van meits

20-06-2022, 02:34

in hindsight it is thanks to him i still have MSX as a hobby. If he didn't keep on going with his magazine there would not be anything keeping me connected to the scene.
I never forget his comment on me being so tall (while he was quite the giant himself as well). It was at the train station in Tilburg. He left the fair at the same time as us and went to some friends to play guitar.
Remembering that tells me he made a huge impression on me.

Sad to see him leave.

Van FiXato

Scribe (1743)

afbeelding van FiXato

20-06-2022, 03:08

I think I'll be reading some Knorretje & Snavelaar stories tomorrow...

Thanks for being such an icon Wammes. <3

Van thegeps

Paragon (1287)

afbeelding van thegeps

20-06-2022, 06:50

Condolence Sad

Van hamlet

Scribe (4113)

afbeelding van hamlet

20-06-2022, 06:52

Dear Wammes, thank you for all you've done for the MSX scene!

Van Repair-Bas

Paragon (1176)

afbeelding van Repair-Bas

20-06-2022, 08:12

Wammes, thank you for everything. I am proud i have known you…

Van ro

Scribe (5129)

afbeelding van ro

20-06-2022, 08:13

Sad news, an MSX icon gone to Z80 heaven. rest in piece, friend.

Van Hans

Supporter (7)

afbeelding van Hans

20-06-2022, 08:53

During my introduction to the MSX scene , MCM magazine and its editor Wammes Witkop were our guides. A man with a beautiful alliterative name that you would never forget by the way. Wammes and his magazine were the conduit of a much larger MSX-world beyond your own bedroom.

Thank you Wammes, your work was a great inspiration.
Rest in peace

Van ray2day

Paladin (760)

afbeelding van ray2day

20-06-2022, 09:06

2022 is a sad year for the MSX scene. Too much MSX legends have left us this year. And with Wammes a true (Dutch) pioneer of MSX has gone. Memories of him and his populair magazine (which I still read sometimes...) remain. Rest in peace Wammes. Rest in peace you all who have left us. I hope there is MSX in heaven...

Van KdL

Paragon (1488)

afbeelding van KdL

20-06-2022, 14:21

Through to the MSX clubs I followed MCM and MCCM in Italy for a long time, converting my Philips NMS8280 to MSX2+.

Thank you very much Wammes for all the fun of those years.
Rest in peace.


Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

afbeelding van wolf_

20-06-2022, 10:25

Bah Sad

His MCM is really a magazine I still read a lot. In fact, I tend to use small mannerisms from MCM in my daily writing work.

Van ramonsmits

Rookie (20)

afbeelding van ramonsmits

20-06-2022, 10:33

Another MSX icon is gone. His name stood out and his prefaces were always fun to read.

I don't know you Wammes but for sure I know your love for MSX. Thanks for sharing your passion!

Van Sandy Brand

Champion (320)

afbeelding van Sandy Brand

20-06-2022, 11:06

I am pretty sure that, if not for his magazines and efforts to spread (technical) information in those early days of computing, many of us would have had different careers, and he has thus had a profound impact on our lives.

He was there at the very beginning of the digital consumer revolution. And sadly we will now have to travel forwards into the future, without him.

Van Philip

Champion (380)

afbeelding van Philip

20-06-2022, 11:13

Thanks for everything Wammes, it was great meeting you some years ago at the bar in Beuningen.

After all those years, it's still nice to get out some MCM's every now and then.

Van shaiwa

Champion (392)

afbeelding van shaiwa

20-06-2022, 11:19

Sad news this morning, condolences to the family and the community.
Rest in peace Wammes.

Van turbor

Hero (533)

afbeelding van turbor

20-06-2022, 11:39

Again a great MSX icon has gone. I'm sure that his MC(C)M has influenced a lot of us more then he ever held possible.

My condolences to his family and friends.
Rest in peace Wammes.

Van Popolon_fr

Expert (89)

afbeelding van Popolon_fr

20-06-2022, 12:36

Sad news, really. Condolence to the family.

Van Pencioner

Scribe (1633)

afbeelding van Pencioner

20-06-2022, 13:06

I didn't know him personally well (but meet on Nijmegen). Thanks Wammes for everything and condolences to family and friends...

Van Bernard

Resident (51)

afbeelding van Bernard

20-06-2022, 14:08

I'm really saddened by this news.

Back in the day, a new MC(C)M was always something to look forward to. The information was great; the less serious parts (anybody remember: biologist expert opinion wanted on chip duplication project) were even greater.

Thanks Wammes for all your contributions to the MSX world, and for keeping MC(C)M alive for so many years! Rest in peace.

Van Haze

Master (152)

afbeelding van Haze

20-06-2022, 14:29

The loss of a legend from the scene! Rest in peace, Wammes. Thank you for everything. Your columns were always a joy to read, even to the young kid that I was back then!

Van Grauw

Ascended (10860)

afbeelding van Grauw

20-06-2022, 15:21

I'm really sad to hear this, I think the newspost and comments here capture my own feelings upon hearing this news. Wammes was a great person, I'll miss him.

Van Sander

Founder (1875)

afbeelding van Sander

20-06-2022, 15:58

Such an interesting person that changed the atmosphere of every place he walked into. A gentle giant indeed. My condolances to his friends, ducks and family.

Van MSX4ever

Champion (261)

afbeelding van MSX4ever

20-06-2022, 16:35

Also thanks for everything, Wammes.
I recently had at the MSX Beuningen
received a nice signature from you, which you placed on an MCCM Magazine.

Van Grauw

Ascended (10860)

afbeelding van Grauw

20-06-2022, 17:05

Last year Wammes was interviewed for the podcast The Retro Hour, where he talks about his recollections of those early days of MSX and how he got into writing for magazines, etc.


Maybe you will find it as nice to listen to Wammes’ voice and stories as I did.

Van Takamichi

Paladin (667)

afbeelding van Takamichi

20-06-2022, 17:22

I probably never met him in person, but as one of the people who appeared in MCM I wish he rest in peace.

Van Briqunullus

Paladin (860)

afbeelding van Briqunullus

20-06-2022, 20:03

I have read this earlier today and I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable. Dear Wammes, I may have met you only once or twice, but you have been burned in my memory since the days of MC(C)M. Last year, we emailed a bit about scanning some MSX Mozaik magazines. And I still felt like a little boy, oh dear, the big Wammes Witkop is talking to me. Thank you for what you have done for MSX. Let's all play Teachers Terror now!

Van Thom

Paladin (714)

afbeelding van Thom

20-06-2022, 20:52

So sad to read that his last days were "30 endless days". He passed away way too young. Also impressed by how young the man was when he made MCM.

Van Latok

msx guru (3977)

afbeelding van Latok

20-06-2022, 21:11

As a teenager I was bullied quite a lot. MSX created me an escape from this life. I was deeply touched when Wammes once wrote that, like himself, many people he encountered all used their computer as a shield against society. I was not alone. What followed were the best years of my life. Thank you, Wammes, for everything. I will never forget.

Van raulsantacruz

Hero (604)

afbeelding van raulsantacruz

20-06-2022, 21:16

Rest in peace :'(

Van Rainman

Supporter (1)

afbeelding van Rainman

20-06-2022, 21:53

My condolenses Crying

Like many others here, the MSX and MSX Magazines introduced me to the world of computing in my teens. I've read the magazines multiple times cover to cover and I learned a lot from all the published listings. Wammes thank you for inspiring a generation!

Van tfh

Prophet (3492)

afbeelding van tfh

20-06-2022, 23:03

I went a little bit quiet when I read this message. And people who know me, know that I usually talk a lot. The MSX community has lost a great soul this weekend.
My condolences to who he left behind. I'm sure he will be missed.

Van Turrebo

Expert (84)

afbeelding van Turrebo

20-06-2022, 23:20

My condoleances to all who were near to him, and everybody here.

Thank you for making my life so much more enjoyable when everything seemed dark and hopeless. You really mattered in my life.

Rest in peace, you will be missed.

Van LaDolceDols

Expert (106)

afbeelding van LaDolceDols

20-06-2022, 23:21

Geez. What's there to say... It's a shock... A true MSX icon passed away. A guy that meant so much for our dutch community. I wish all of you who miss him strenght. Rest in peace big guy.

Van Gradius2

Hero (661)

afbeelding van Gradius2

21-06-2022, 02:19

R.I.P., may you play the ULTIMATE MSX on heaven.

Van edoz

Prophet (2509)

afbeelding van edoz

21-06-2022, 10:42

Grauw wrote:

Last year Wammes was interviewed for the podcast The Retro Hour, where he talks about his recollections of those early days of MSX and how he got into writing for magazines, etc.


Maybe you will find it as nice to listen to Wammes’ voice and stories as I did.

Thanks Grauw for sharing this. It is sad …..as we all know him from fairs and from the magazines. He was the one that was motivating us when we were young. I will never forget him….

Van PingPong

Enlighted (4176)

afbeelding van PingPong

22-06-2022, 00:40


Van Avkooi

Expert (103)

afbeelding van Avkooi

22-06-2022, 23:20

What a sad story, that he passed away at this age. Just like a lot of other Dutch people, the MSX Computer Magazine was what sparked my enthusiasm for all the possibilities of this great computer standard. He was not only the publisher of the monthly magazine but also wrote a lot of articles. And if I remember correctly, he also wrote hilarious game reviews under a pseudonym.

He was a great man, both iterally and figuratively. I had the chance to meet him once and talk about some game tips and maps that I sent in and got published. He will be missed in the MSX world. My condolences to his family and friends.

Van [D-Tail]

Ascended (8263)

afbeelding van [D-Tail]

23-06-2022, 12:55

Sad news. RIP Wammes. All the best for family and relatives.

Van ddehaan

Expert (73)

afbeelding van ddehaan

23-06-2022, 18:45

That is very sad news. Loved the MSX Magazine from the 1st issue and had a subscription for a very long time.

Love and hugs for all family and friends of Wammes. I'm sure he will be missed Sad

Van Manuel

Ascended (19811)

afbeelding van Manuel

24-06-2022, 21:56

There is now an In Memoriam on the website of MSX Computer Magazine: https://msxcomputermagazine.nl/achtergrond/

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

afbeelding van wolf_

24-06-2022, 22:16

Who actually owns that website? And will it remain to be?

Van Manuel

Ascended (19811)

afbeelding van Manuel

24-06-2022, 22:39

The website will remain to be. It is mostly maintained by Hayo and Robbert (and I helped here and there with some contributions).

Van Rataplan

Champion (364)

afbeelding van Rataplan

26-06-2022, 13:23

Oh this news hit me quite hard, got me thinking about my youth, and my hero's at the time. Wammes was certainly one of them, with his striking name and ditto face being in so many magazines I read at the time. I never met him, but I bet a lot of ideas were still floating in his mind.
What a loss for both the MSX scene as his family. 70 years is still too young to go. My sincere condolences to all, and may we remember him for who he was. Crying

Van JasonLee

Resident (40)

afbeelding van JasonLee

27-06-2022, 20:29

Our Gentle Giant is gone, sad days when our youth starts to fade, and the beloved ones start to depart this planet.

He'll be long missed Sad

Van Wierzbowsky

Guardian (3682)

afbeelding van Wierzbowsky

29-06-2022, 13:46

Rest In Peace, dear MSX colleague!

Van Imanok

Paragon (1201)

afbeelding van Imanok

05-07-2022, 09:40

How sad... Rest in peace Sad

Van risto

Resident (33)

afbeelding van risto

08-07-2022, 14:04

Beautiful memories will remain, very sad to hear this. But let's be grateful for what he did for the scene/family. RIP

Van spanjed

Expert (96)

afbeelding van spanjed

18-07-2022, 19:36

oh wow....

Just read this post and it's a big loss for all MSX lovers.
When i got my MSX at a young age MCM was always there to guide me.

Rest in piece Wammes......

Van Accumulator

Champion (351)

afbeelding van Accumulator

18-07-2022, 23:16

Gone too soon! Wammes, thank you for everything! Especially for being a MSX disciple. Rest in peace!

Van dan

Champion (259)

afbeelding van dan

19-07-2022, 12:36

very sad news... condolences to his family and friends

Van damouze

Supporter (10)

afbeelding van damouze

21-07-2022, 12:52

I am so sad to hear this! I have fond memories of reading his articles in MC(C)M... Rest in peace!