Aleste Gaiden on 360kb disk

Door Tisse

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24-08-2022, 15:10

Hi, I've got a SVI-738 that I've upgraded to MSX2. But I'm still stuck with a Single Side DD that can only read 360kb-disks. I've managed to get many 720kb-dsk-games work by opening them in Disk Manager and dragging the files over to an empty 360kb-dsk-file. But Aleste Gaiden doesn't show any files at all in Disk Manager, so that way isn't possible.

Does anybody know of a way to convert Aleste Gaiden to a 360kb-dsk?

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Van sdsnatcher73

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24-08-2022, 18:56

The game is a sector based so it is not possible to convert it to a 360kB disk. Why not replace the drive with a 720kB model (a modified PC drive for instance).

Van Tisse

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25-08-2022, 14:07

Thanks for the reply. I suspected it might be something like that :-( But maybe it's possible to convert the ROM-version to binary and run it that way? Anybody know how to do that, and if it would work?

Van Jipe

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25-08-2022, 14:53

the ROM version is a DSK2ROM files
look here :
is just the original 720k DSK convert in a rom files

Van Tisse

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25-08-2022, 16:03

Ah, I see. I got a bit confused since this page said it was a 128kb rom cartridge:
But I downloaded the ROM and it was 512kb, so you are probably right and it's probably just wrong info on the page.
I also remember reading something about this game only being released on disk back in the day, so I guess I'll have to give up trying to get it to work on a 360kb disk :-(