Possible official Konami Maze of Galious coming

van Pentarou op 23-10-2022, 12:21
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Maybe old news at this time, but ならむら (Nigoro/La mulana) won the Konami Action & Shooting Game Contest. This means an official remake (or possibly a sequel) could be coming with the support of Konami.

Relevant link: More info
Relevant link: Youtube video

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Van Rataplan

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23-10-2022, 13:02

Alas the Konami we all knew and loved is long gone...

Van MP83

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30-10-2022, 16:43

If anyone can do the new Knightmare/Galious game a justice, it would be the La Mulana guy.

Van theNestruo

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30-10-2022, 16:58

Pampas & Selene is going to set the bar really high :)

Van fubukimaru

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31-10-2022, 12:10

I agree with MP83. Looking at how massive La Mulana is, I do not have any kind of doubt that they will make a good job Smile.

Van sdsnatcher73

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13-11-2022, 07:24

theNestruo wrote:

Pampas & Selene is going to set the bar really high :)

The game by LM will not be for MSX. So it is at a clear disadvantage ;)