MSX3 is Controversial?

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Van tfh

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15-12-2022, 15:28

wolf_ wrote:

I think it'd please the scene most if an MSX3 would stick to the best of what we have (tR, G9k, OPL4, SCC, IDE) and just have some of the flaws fixed. With flaws, I'm referring to things like interrupt speeds (no more manual music fixing for 50/60 Hz differences), loudness balance between sound chips, disk access not freezing the rest of the system, etc. Anything more modern will likely be compared to a PC, and fail to leave an impression.

That is something the current community could/should do. You don't need Nishi for that, and I don't think he's interested in it either. The market for such a device will be a few hundred, maybe aprox 1000 units. Nothing remotely interesting on a commercial scale whatsoever.

Van janghang

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16-12-2022, 03:28

Wow, everyone has great opinions and views. I fully agree with each and every opinion, but it's a pity that Nish did not check these amazing people's opinions before he did whatever he wanted. I really don't care what Nish is doing.

It would be really interesting if we can share potential features of the dream MSX.

For example, TinyYarou dreamed some features:

  • turboR based system
  • Revive Tape BIOS
  • Support upper compatibility for V9990
  • Support direct access to SD card files
  • Equipped with ultra-high speed mode (CPU, VDP and BASIC are about 1000 times faster)

Van Takamichi

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16-12-2022, 09:46

janghang wrote:

I know Nishi is making MSX3. I don't understand exactly how this project is related to actual MSX (I don't even understand what the new machine is about but it doesn't seem MSX3 extends the previous MSX machine.). I like a Japanese developer TinyYarou. It seems he has some issues with Nishi.

Can anybody explain why MSX3 keeps controversial and what the problem is?

MSX aside, Nishi swore at Tiny Yarou the complete stranger without using honorific. Such act is the serious offense by Japanese standard and really frustrates the victim. Nishi has done same to other strangers who he though have criticized MSX3.

Van Metalion

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16-12-2022, 10:29

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

I have not lost interest but I have decided it makes no sense for me to follow all the developments going left and right and every other direction. Considering the details lost in translation as well. I will wait for the end products (as there appear to be several) and then decide if this is worth to check out.

Exactly my point of view also.

Van gdx

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16-12-2022, 10:47

janghang wrote:

turboR based system

I'm not sure what you mean, but if that's what I think, it's a bad idea. Better a new modern system with the support of the turbo R.

janghang wrote:

Revive Tape BIOS

Totally useless.

janghang wrote:

Support upper compatibility for V9990

It is not necessary but just appreciated.

janghang wrote:


SCC support is useless. AUDIO/SFG is not very useful. As for me, I would like an improved MSX-MUSIC with a really usable PCM on several voices and all in stereo. That one from the turbo R was a joke.

janghang wrote:

Support direct access to SD card files
Equipped with ultra-high speed mode (CPU, VDP and BASIC are about 1000 times faster)

Of course there will be.

Van Micha

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16-12-2022, 13:37

That MSX0 device (Internet of Things) looks kinda cool...

Van syn

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16-12-2022, 15:54

Micha wrote:

That MSX0 device (Internet of Things) looks kinda cool...

reminds me of those TI calculators.

Van syn

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16-12-2022, 15:59

I think the main problem is that a lot of ppl think a MSX3 should be the MSX we would have gotten in the late 90s or early 2000s, aka very small upgrade, while Nishi wants to have a modern lowspec device. I feel the new msx3 is not an hardware upgrade but more like a successor /continuation of (parts of) the MSX ideology.

Van snake

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16-12-2022, 16:29

The new Msx isn't a retrogaming related project. It's a real actualization of the standard. Change of architecture, FPGA, a modern OS and development environment are mandatory for obvious reasons. Hopefully people won't blame Nishi because of that.

There are a lot of interesting rumored features (as clustering and a possibly stabilized Linux based OS). Moreover, i know i'm dreaming, but interest from companies isn't so impossible, at least in Japan. So, the only thing that makes sense now is to wait for the final product.

Van SwissPanasonic

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16-12-2022, 17:51

I understand the anxieties of MSX enthusiasts and for me too. I trust Mr. Nishi who invented the MSX. But I'm afraid that will never be done because only big brands have the means and it's not Panasonic who will build the MSX3. I will buy without hesitation the complete versions with keyboard (not the only cartridge) but only if there is compatibility with MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ and if possible MSX Turbo-R. The planned download system must also exist for those who no longer have software at home. I really hope for this for the 1st half of 2023

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