MSX3 is Controversial?

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Van st1mpy

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20-04-2023, 22:41

aoineko wrote:

However, I am very interested in the cartridge for MSX to connect Groove sensors. It will allow to experiment with many types of gameplays; like what we see on MSX0. For example using a gyroscope to control a ball in a game can be very fun.

You can do something like that with the Sensor Kid cartridge (access sensors from MSX BASIC).

I don't own a real Sesor Kid cartridge, so I made a cartridge using an arduino and a sensor board. Some other demonstration short videos on my channel as well.

Van Pokun

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22-04-2023, 22:13

That is a very good point. It may seem very non-MSX to compete with things like Raspberry Pie and Arduino, but back in the day there was no Arduino and home computers like MSX partly filled that role. So in the light of that MSX going this route instead of trying to be the new IBM PC or Apple iMac isn't necessarily not in line with the MSX spirit.

Van igor.d.monteiro

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24-04-2023, 01:28

I am very happy to know that you agree with me and my point of view. Currently, I believe that Mr.Nishi is experiencing perhaps his greatest challenge in his professional life. He's putting everything he can and has into this project. Understanding this nowadays is something difficult, because although we are connected with the whole world quickly, our feelings about things and people ended up cooling down, and in a way, distancing us. The motives and reasons for creating the MSX hardware and its needs may be somewhat outdated for today's challenges, but there is another way of looking at it, which is the directly practical way as a cause-solution, where no hardware necessarily makes so much difference from a technical/technological point of view, where it constantly needs to upgrade to keep up with problems that can still simply be solved by much inferior hardware, but still totally adequate.

In a way, I also agree with Mr. Eugene. Because what I see, in my personal view, is like pure and raw engineering. Something like drastically reinventing our vision, again, about the MSX1. It is not in character of upgrade or progress. It's like a digression, a totally raw analysis, without expecting any computational result, but totally analogical and even without the need for the hardware itself in an initial form. "the why of things".

Of course, nothing to do with any 'haleluja'. I just made a joke about it. But today, after carefully rereading Mr.Nishi's words, he says that, this will be the last one invented by him, and it will be the best MSX ever known. When you try to look at where the thinking world is heading, is it going, have you noticed that Nishi may already knows what will happen, and is already adapting to it, without any of us being initially suspicious about his intentions?

(On a separate note from what I've said here, I'm very happy to know one fact: I don't have a connection or affinity with any MSX group in Brazil, or internationally, although I have very few friends in Brazil, because I have a greater affinity for the vision and direction of Japanese users, so I feel more comfortable being among them. What caught my attention, is that I discovered that there are more users with the same thought, and that they are not users from Japan: I never met anyone from Holland, but today I am friends with a Dutch and French MSX user who are " cooperating" silently and anonymously with Japanese users. I was very happy to know that there are people like that, in other communication channels that most people don't even imagine that this exists!^^)

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