How to convert a Sony Hb-F700D to Sony HB-F700P or Sony HB-F700(international)

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17-03-2023, 16:00

Due to the fact my keyboard is broken and already replaced it by a Sony HB-F700P keyboard, which results is the pressed keys are not matching the character on the screen, is there a possibility to replace some roms, or other trick in order I can use the Euopean keyboard instead of the German keyboard.
Never liked to German keyboard anyway.
Is it just a simple way of replacing some IC? or more difficult than I could think of.
Would it also be a possibility to change to US version? (with some hack), in order to use, an international keyboard?
For example a Mac or or other keyboard together with the solution of :MSX Keyboard Interface

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17-03-2023, 17:26

only a new system rom is enough

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30-03-2023, 20:40

Hard to replace?

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30-03-2023, 23:51

With propper gear and some experience it's very easy. Don't try if you lack any.

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31-03-2023, 14:06

I have to admit I lack a steady hand nowadays...... Ok will bring maybe next exhibition