First steps with the V9990

Door ToriHino

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21-05-2023, 13:09

I modified the UBox library of Juan J. Martinez to get it working on the V9990. This video gives a short impression of the first results, just a simple game to see how things work out and some placeholder music.
Current version supports most of the existing function calls, with addition of palette functions (including fade) and layer functions on screen mode P1 and P2. Next to that the sprite manager can handle the full multicolor sprites of the V9990.

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Van sdsnatcher73

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21-05-2023, 15:01

Very nice!

Van Latok

msx guru (3959)

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21-05-2023, 15:32

Nice flow!

Van aoineko

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21-05-2023, 17:29

Nice project.

Probably too late for you but you have full features support for P1 and P2 modes in MSXgl. At least, you can check it as a reference for Sprite handling.

Van PingPong

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21-05-2023, 21:50

what about this function ? as i can guess should read a 16 bit value from vram returning in de. if my guess is ok, why it is declared as u8 ?
u8 V9_Peek16_CurrentAddr() __PRESERVES(b, c, h, l, iyl, iyh)
then ....
ld a, e
in a, (V9_P00)
ld a, d

the two instructions ld a, e and ld a,d should be ld d,a ld e,a or i'm wrong ?

Van aoineko

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22-05-2023, 00:25

Right on. It's fixed.