[WTB] Yamaha YRM-306

Door Soft Automaton

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06-06-2023, 19:07


If anyone happens to have this cartridge I'm hoping to find one. It's the Yamaha DX7II Voicing Program (also known as YRM36). I found the ROM that one of you posted but it didn't work for me for some reason.

Message me any time. Thank you!

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Van crisag

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06-06-2023, 23:11

I don't know if those are the ones you are looking for but I saw recently a few Yamaha DX7 cartridges on Japanese Yahoo auctions. Check that. Maybe those are the ones you want.

Van Soft Automaton

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11-06-2023, 16:21

Yes, good point about the Yahoo auctions. I see a few YRM cartridges posted but they aren't the ones I'm looking for. I've never used that system either but it's not a bad idea to try. I don't know how they or sellers handle international transactions though. Hopefully it's supported!

Consider by WTB still active here anyway Smile

Van treblig

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11-06-2023, 20:57

There is a Yamaha DX7 voicing program cartridge on eBay at the moment:


Van comankh

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12-06-2023, 14:54

...yrm103 has no disk saving capability.

Van Soft Automaton

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14-08-2023, 19:50

Still looking for this if anyone has it.

Note that this cartridge is for DX7II, not DX7. YRM-103 (such as the Ebay link above) is specific to that the 1st gen DX7. I already have that but it's not compatible with the DX7II. YRM-306 is pretty specific.

As an aside, if anyone can test the ROM in SofaRun I'd love to know how to get it to to work! I'm on NTSC and have no idea how to modify SofaRun's ROM settings. I don't know why It won''t fire up.