MSX2 intro animation

Door RobertoC

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07-06-2023, 18:05

Does anyone know where to find a technical description of how the MSX2 boot animation is done?

Thank you

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Van PingPong

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07-06-2023, 21:03

It's easy. It does work in screen 6.
The Vdp vertical scroll register is used to scroll the logo
there is a screen split on the bottom of the logo.
when the screen split occours (via vdp horizontal retrace interrupt) the visible page is switched and the rest of the screen is displayed in background color.
so the logo appear to "pop" from the middle bottom of the screen

More interesting is the MSX2+ and TurboR logo

Van RobertoC

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07-06-2023, 22:20

Thank you for the explanation. But reading I realized my mistake: I meant the MSX2+ intro -
where two halves of the logo scroll horizontally to stop in the center.
I think there is a page change there too, but it seems to me too expensive to do it for all lines.


Van Daemos

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08-06-2023, 13:26

Propably also doing a screen split on each line where the scroll registers are set. At each frame the registers are being changed until the logo is one whole. No changes in the vram required.

Van iamweasel2

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08-06-2023, 17:57

If one wants to change the graphic in the boot, where the data pattern is stored?

Van mars2000you

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08-06-2023, 18:21

On MSX2, it's generally in the Sub-ROM.

It's more complicated on MSX2+ and MSX turbo R, I think it's in the Kanji driver ROM.

Van Briqunullus

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08-06-2023, 18:56

mars2000you wrote:

It's more complicated on MSX2+ and MSX turbo R, I think it's in the Kanji driver ROM.

I have seen it being called the optrom, or opening rom. If have no idea what optrom stands for. Anybody? And yes, this rom is only a few kilobytes, so it can be integrated into the Kanji rom. However, I have seen this on MSX2+. If I remember correctly, this isn't the case on turboR.