Gouda SCSI with DOS2.2 and different SCSI-Id targets

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28-12-2008, 17:13

I have Gouda SCSI that works fine with Turbo R, except I only can make it boot from SCSI-Id 0 thru 3 and I want to use old ZIP100 SCSI drive that only can set to SCSI-Id 5 or 6...
Further more I like to use it on a NMS8250 (2+, 256Kb RAM) but it doesn't work without a separate DOS2.2 cartridge. (I have Nemesis with DOS2.2 ROM on it, switchable)

So is there newer BIOS that works with Turbo R and also on 8250 (detects DOS2.2 presence or adds this) and with boot support for all SCSI-Id's?
Can someone supply me a ROM with it? (I will pay ofcource)
I live in Vaassen, The Netherlands

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Van Manuel

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28-12-2008, 19:33

What Gouda SCSI ROM version do you use now?

Van msd

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29-12-2008, 13:45

Zip can only be set to 5 and6? That's strange.. To one I hade could be set to all ids

Van Jipe

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29-12-2008, 18:37

i remember setting target and host ID with parameters 5 and zip100 work

Van msd

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30-12-2008, 11:06

Setting them both on ID 5 doesn't sound rite to me.


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30-12-2008, 17:49

I don't remember having any trouble on MSX tR or MSX2 while using Gouda SCSI (Novaxis ROM) It was even delivered with separate DOS2 cartridge although that was only needed with MSX2. It was not possible to set it to boot from Zip-drive, because of this same problem. How ever I just checked and it seems, that this Target ID limitation is removed at least from "NOVAXIS MSX2/Turbo-R SCSI BIOS version 1.59.64"

Maybe in your case some little hardware hack for Zip drive cable might also do the trick. How ever Zip-drive speed is not very good compared to HD... even on MSX... On the other hand, this is not really a problem, if you are used to use disks Tongue