Konami GAME MASTER manual = RC 743 ????

Door LeoM

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15-03-2009, 12:44

I saw in this Ebay auction that the manual of GAME MASTER states that the product ID of the GAME MASTER is RC 743. That is not right. The product ID is RC 735 and not RC 743 (which is Penguin Adventure)

So I ran to my konami collection and checked it. My GAME MASTER manual also says RC 743.... :-?

My question: Are there GAME MASTER manuals which have the right product ID, or are they all wrong???

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Van Manuel

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15-03-2009, 13:10

My Game Master in the smaller, red box contains a manual with the proper product code (RC735).

Van Abi

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15-03-2009, 13:32

yep,this old news.
number of the manual of GM european version is not equal on the RC number of cartridge.
You also got Vampire killer european version?
Compare RC cartridge with RC number of the manual Wink they also are not the same!
seems that they used a same layout for the cover to make a new manual but forgot to change the RC number on the manual?

Van LeoM

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15-03-2009, 16:45

I didn't know that.
Checked Vampire Killer and indeed...

Strange thing is that the Game Master manual has a different layout than the manual from Penguin Adventure....

Van Ge.Nie.

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26-03-2009, 16:12

I bought that item, but it was not so expensive. I thought that it was only a joke just to make more money on it.

Anyway, I finally have a Game Master and still looking for the Game Master 2 (complete offcourse).