Shill bidding reported against soukasen3.

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Van Lazzeri

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05-07-2010, 21:57

I totally agree in parts, it is his right to want top dollar on his items, i can get that. BUT, what i cannot see as "OK" is auction fraud.

If you look at ebay right now there's a Japanese seller with a sweet Comic Bakery CIB for US$ 610. He wants top dollar for a great (and rare as hell) item. I totally agree with that, he can keep it for years untill he finds someone willing to pay that amount of cash. That is totally cool for me.

But again, he is asking a sh*tload of cash but is NOT lying, scamming or frauding anyone.

What Soukasen does, in the other hand, is ask initially reasonable amounts of cash for their items and then, frauding, try to rip your money.

I just can't understand how so many people are OK with that. Seriously!

The "funny" part is, in anothet thread some people said that he is a known scammer in Yahoo JP called Satopin27 or something like that, and even linked to his item on Y!J (their words, not mine - i don't know were that info câmera from). Funny part is, this satopin does not start auctions with low price & force an unfair increase, he asks huge cash for great items (for instance, The 5 konami collections in one lot, for ¥ 99.000, roughly US$ 1.200)

Van rumrum2

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05-07-2010, 23:03

There's an option on Ebay (as I guess you all know -but some manage to ignore-), called BUY IT NOW.

If soukasen has already a price in mind, he should use that, since it's, you know, LEGAL.

And if he really is satopin, he doesn't scam the japanese by shill bidding, since his starting prices are sky high and nobody bids on'em -at least I've seen the 5 konami collection for a couple of years now-.

Van Lazzeri

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17-08-2010, 02:47


If anyone still had doubt about Soukasen3 being the same guy than Satopin27 I think that question is cleared by now...

Did you guys checked Soukasen3 current auctions on eBay? Each and every one of them had a "doppelganger" on Yahoo! Autions Japan, being sold by Satopin27... Oh, and apparently Soukasen has dropped the "low item & ghost chill bidders" policy and raised the prices substantially.

Just a very few examples:

The 3 "Knightmare":

The 5 "Nemesis":

Both "Snatcher":

Both "Metal Gear":

Both 'Thexder"

The 3 Ashguine

... You got the idea. Every single one of this week´s auction on eBay is also active on Y!J, with similar, high prices.

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