So, how do you write..

ESE MSX System 3 (5 votes) 9.4%
1chipMSX (14 votes) 26.4%
..I don't care what it's called! (21 votes) 39.6%
OneChipMSX (13 votes) 24.5%
Total votes: 53

Comments (5)

By hap

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17-01-2009, 15:52

Which one? Tongue The current official one is ESE's.
On forums/chats, lazy me would just call it OCM, even if the previous official machine name was 1chipMSX: shortening that to 1cm makes it look like a (micro)penile measurement Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By wolf_

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17-01-2009, 15:59

Basically, the ones that have been spread in the past few years on a small scale, e.g. the megachallenge prizes etc. But in any case, you could also just say which name you prefer for either generation..

By Ivan

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17-01-2009, 18:16

The official name is 1chipMSX. All the other names are pure inventions.

OneChipMSX (OCM) -> Name used by Bazix
ESE MSX System 3 -> Name of the PCB designed by ESE Artists' Factory (Tsujikawa)
1chipMSX -> Name of the official and complete product (with blue transparent case) sold by D4E!

By PingPong

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19-01-2009, 20:41

What a serious poll Tongue

By Ivan

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17-01-2009, 18:27

Su nombre oficial es 1chipMSX.

OneChipMSX (OCM) es el nombre que Bazix ha utilizado y ESE MSX System 3 como mucho es el nombre de la placa diseñada por Tsujikawa.
El producto completo distribuido por D4E (con carcarsa, manual y caja) se llama 1chipMSX.