Game using Dante 2

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Por IC

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24-12-2004, 20:04

2) yes, musica..

it's an MML based language where you can use FM/ PSG and even SCC (i don't know if Dante 2 driver supports the last one though)

Por RamonMSX

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24-12-2004, 20:13

1) The Dante-2 course was spread out over several issues of the Futuredisk.
I can't really remember which ones though. I only have a printed version of the complete course which I edited an expanded myself. The FD-course had some minor mistakes and shortcomings.

2) Yes, It is indeed a music editor for MSX-Music (and I think also SCC), and yes, you can use it to create your own music for Dante-2, but not for sound fx.

3) You can import gfx from DD-graph. This is a very handy feature for the demo-gfx and the main screen gfx.


Por Geiru

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26-12-2004, 14:30

Those WIP screens look vewwy kewl, Ramon! Keep up tha guud work!

Por Mafcase

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29-12-2004, 19:23

Got to admit I totally agree with Geiru!!

These screens are the REAL thing! Wink I'm very curious to Cipher the game!

a few more questions:

1) These screen shots look futuristic, was wondering what kind of weapon(s) the player will be able to use.

(still looking to complete my Futuredisk collection, so still don't know much 'bout Dante 2 and therefor only know about hitting with sword(s) etc... Any possible way to use something like a gun or something?)

2) I read somewhere it ain't possible to make a stand-alone game with Dante 2... !? I would like to know it it's possible though or that the 'end' user also needs a copy of Dante 2 to play a game like Cipher.



Por Jorito

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29-12-2004, 23:32

About 2)
You will need the Dante 2 disk to play any game made with Dante 2. However, apparently there are some coders that might look into obsoleting this Dante 2 disk and hack things a bit to make it work without. However, I think you will still need that Dante 2 disk, since most of the code (and some other shared stuff, like the pre-set songs) is on that disk. The other disks only contain data like gfx, text and scripts iirc.

Por The_Engineer

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29-12-2004, 23:44

apparently there are some coders that might look into obsoleting this Dante 2 disk and hack things a bit to make it work without

Apparently that coder is still waiting for the disks Wink (hint hint to Ramon)
Furthermore... didn't Alex Wulms once create a tool to make standalone Dante 2 disks?

Por Sonic_aka_T

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30-12-2004, 01:46

Shouldn't someone wake that guy up?!? He really needs to know that we all still out there... I know he's got a life, but it can't possibly be that important Tongue

Dang, he sure was one of the hippest coders out there... Pfft, mixing a 4 channel MOD at 11kHz on a 7MHz CPU, I wouldn't have even tried that!

Por robertwilting

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17-01-2005, 15:29

The numbers Ramon was talking about are probally 14 and 15 and 17 and maybe some others. At least I know 14 and 15 contain parts.

Por Sonic_aka_T

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17-01-2005, 17:41

Wow, I never imagined anyone would actually read Dennis' texts Tongue

Por robertwilting

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17-01-2005, 17:43

Well I allways first check befor reading if it states Tobias Keizer or something like that then I knew I could skip it directly. Smile

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