List of undumped MSX software (PLEASE HELP!)

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Por sdsnatcher73

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20-10-2020, 13:52

Or it could be a development/test version (version 10?)

Por Sylvester

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20-10-2020, 15:43

It seems there are 2 releases of the tape packaging:

According to it confirms that after loading the game starts with a flappy screen. But he is using RUN"CAS:" , the version I have is using CLOAD followed by RUN like the note with this flappy version:
So maybe the white version is updated with a RUN"CAS:" version? couldn't find anything about the version that starts with the V-10 screen.

Por mars2000you

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23-10-2020, 13:52

gdx wrote:

Tape version of Flappy is already dumped. I converted it to Rom some years ago.

Game map is now available:

Por tfh

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23-10-2020, 17:12

Thanks to the community another game can be removed from the undumped list: Guide CG Disk

As for the Flappy's mentioned earlier in this thread: You guys know how to reach me ;-) I'd like to add them to my downloadsite.

Flappy.cas cload+run version received & added :)

Por SLotman

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29-10-2020, 23:05

No Brazilian games on that list? I know A TON of them that there are no known dumps.

The most well known of course is Palhada City, a graphical text-adventure - so well known it became a joke, even with TWO fakes out there. But there are for example an adventure called "60 minutes" sold by Micromaq. The author appeared on Facebook, but he doesn't have the game anymore - this story is corroborated by a Micromaq ad on CPU MSX, announcing the game.

There's "Olho Vivo" by Discovery Informática. Several ads for this game on Brazilian magazines.

"Floresta Negra", "Indiana Jones Zero", "Mistério em Roma", "Highland", "Krull" and "Monstros da Noite", all by Rede Universoft - for those there are ads for them and I could also find them listed on catalogs from other stores.

By Lazzarosoft we have "Mosca", "Quincas", "Percival" and "Alvim". Not a clue about those.

"Casa da Newsoft", by Newsoft. Only mentioned on their catalog and nothing else about it.

Also from catalogs, "Mercenária Galáctica" from Knight Software.

I've been researching all games created in Brazil since the 80s, for 8 years now. I'm hoping to somewhere down the line make a catalog with all those games listed. But there are A LOT of stuff lost, unfortunately Sad

Por SLotman

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29-10-2020, 23:10

And those are just original games made in Brazil. You can for example list most games sold here by Orionsoft, a big chunk of them was translated into Portuguese - There are almost no dumps of those games.

I've tried my best to gather all I could - but I don't even know how many tapes they released over the years, or the contents of them all (tapes were numbered, so it helps a bit).

I've made a small compilation of what I could find, here. On this PDF, anything not colored, means it is undumped.

Most games by Disprosoft were also translated. We have for example a very nice H.E.R.O. translated into Portuguese, but the only dump available is broken from level 9 onwards. A shame, really :(

Por gdx

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30-10-2020, 01:50

SLotman, Please add any software that you think undumped. Brazilian software is little known in Europe and elsewhere.

Por enribar

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30-10-2020, 08:26

Looking at statistics, I can realize that we can break the wall of 10.000 unique programs! And so we can beat C64 ;-)

Por CASDuino

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30-10-2020, 19:10

I've archived a copy of Cannon Fighter by Moorwood Software in both CAS and TSX format which I believe was previously undumped.

I will add the link to my Arduitape Facebook page and blog.

Por tfh

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19-11-2020, 14:13

Thanks to the community another game can be removed from the bad/undumped list: Mahjong Suzume.
It's available you-know-where.

A big thank you for the person donating this file to the MSX-community.

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