List of undumped MSX software (PLEASE HELP!)

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Por jltursan

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18-04-2022, 15:09

The Yahoo auctions are not visible anymore...

Por tfh

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18-04-2022, 15:21

jltursan wrote:

The Yahoo auctions are not visible anymore...

Correct. You need to use a VPN to watch these.

Por mars2000you

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18-04-2022, 15:51

Indeed, VPN is the key.

Btw, the official reason is nebulous: "it has been determined by Yahoo! JAPAN that providing a continuous service environment in these regions would be difficult.". Strange kind of protectionism, as it concerns only Europe (including UK), not America for example.

Por tsmvp

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18-04-2022, 18:05

One thing missing that I cannot find anywhere: Sony Easy Telopper II (it came with the Easy Telopper II cartridge), two disks. I believe one was the application/etc and the second a data disk. If anyone has these and could dump them I would appreciate it.


Por gdx

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23-04-2022, 02:48

gdx wrote:

Fireball and Killer Station are dumped. It seems that is not the case for Akarui Nouen (Cheerful Plantation) and Biotek.

Someone asked me Fireball. I'm sure I had it, so I looked in my archives but I can't find it. Sorry, I lost it. If someone have the original please dump again it.
Akarui Nouen (Cheerful Plantation, aka Bright Farm) and Biotek need to be dumped too.

Por Briqunullus

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23-04-2022, 10:08

Hey, I remember playing Fireball. Oh dear, I think I never moved it to disk and I have ditched all my tapes. If it ever resurfaces, count me in!

Por mcolom

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24-04-2022, 00:11

Going on with this long thread about undumped MSX software, I have the impression that we probably don't have a good dump of the ROM of Quicksilva's Boogaboo. Let me explain. There are three versions around, with these SHA sums:
8fe21e5ff12cbd52e379bfc1feaf9f560289ba42 Booga-Boo - Indescomp (1986) [4145].rom
2a91ccc4a8085a9acd195bf1a264deaf2db329b0 Booga-Boo - Indescomp (1986) [5714].rom
fd5dd1d16c46eba134910b5e9550656ba9a1fd82 BOOGABOO.ROM
(and another which was made by me from the CAS, about 20 years ago).

The two first have at least one character wrong in the map, so clearly they don't correspond to an original dump. I had the original cartridge from Indescomp as a child, and I don't remember any weird thing in the map. I'm sure about that.
In this two, SP is set to 0xF380, which is a good thing to avoid problems in MSX2. But the original CAS version has SP=0xFFFF.
Clearly they're not an original dump, with a mistake in the map and a different initialization of SP.

The other one (fd5dd1d16c46eba134910b5e9550656ba9a1fd82 BOOGABOO.ROM) simply has all the places where SP is initialized overwritten with NOPs, but the map is correct. Is this a fix by Sony/Indescomp when releasing the cartridge, or is it a posterior fix? I really doubt that Sony or Indescomp did it. A way to check is to know if the original cartridge actually worked in an MSX2. The CAS version simply hangs in an MSX2.

In conclusion, I'm not sure we have at all a good dump of this game. Not important to play the game, of course, just for the sake of perfect preservation. If someone has the cartridge (which is really rare, unfortunately), please dump it!

Por Manuel

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24-04-2022, 00:14

Hmm, I only found CAS versions and a disk conversion of it. No ROMs.

Por mcolom

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24-04-2022, 00:27

Yes, actually when I did my conversion from the CAS to ROM was because I couldn't find any ROM dump at that moment.
I found the other ROMs in TFH, but I'm not confident at all that these are original dumps.
The cartridge is so rare now that it's even hard to find pictures of the cartridge online :S But there are still some original copies around, I've seen it in that video where MSXVR is tested with original cartridges. Some lucky people must still have it Smile

Por Manuel

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24-04-2022, 00:53

But there have been official tape releases, right? Also not properly dumped, you think?

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