List of undumped MSX software (PLEASE HELP!)

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Por popolon_

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28-07-2022, 08:51

Sorry, i do not have wav file as i dumped it on real msx with tape2cas msx dos program.

Por imulilla

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28-07-2022, 10:20

Ok, thank you very much for the dump and the prompt reply Wink

Por Manuel

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29-07-2022, 00:26

@Sylvester But at several EDDY II entries it also says it came with the HTC-001 track ball...

Por enribar

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11-08-2022, 18:05

Is the UMF Noord-Holland software declared freeware nowadays?
I've just dumped this hard-to-find in the net and impressive musicdisk, filled up with incredible fractal graphic effects, a visual moonblaster player and ol'skool techno music composed by "cts" for the MSX-Audio!
Houz - The Ultimate Dance Demo

Por bluemsx

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11-08-2022, 18:22

Tetra Horror by ASCII (1983) is undumped from original Rom cartridge correctly.

*Tetra Horror by Qnix (1984) is dumped, but this is Not by ASCII.
Another set of Tetra Horror is dumped, but corrupt.

I missed to buy original Rom cartridge 20 years ago.

Por tfh

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15-08-2022, 23:54

Thanks to Enribar another undumped diskmagazine has surfaced: The MSX Brigade 1 Special.
I've added it to my downloadsite in the Disk magazine section.

A big thank you to Enribar!

If anyone else has some undumped stuff, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Por tfh

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19-08-2022, 14:14

Houz has also been added, thanks to Enribar Smile

Por mars2000you

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19-08-2022, 14:52

@tfh: I can't find on your site the ROM and CAS files for the Canon Interface Unit DMB.

I know it has been dumped by Enribar in January 2022.

Por enribar

Paragon (1206)

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21-08-2022, 20:18

@mars2000you: I have those dumps stored into the workstation (now I'm using my laptop), please wait till I find them :-)

I've found another japanese game that is unknown to me... It is called "POWER GAME 2" and it was also modified by a Data Beutner tool (this tool is unknown, too).
Reading inside some files you can find the word "jsanima", maybe it's an easter egg (author's name?).
Here it is:
Power Game 2
If it's really unknown, I can send it to TFH for further investigations...

Por Briqunullus

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21-08-2022, 21:22

Can I submit a request to add MSXDOS.SYS 1.02 and COMMAND.COM 1.10 to the list? I've been looking for them for some time now.

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