Any Interest in Homebrew MSX Hardware Club ?

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Por ericb59

Paragon (1080)

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23-01-2015, 11:58

Manuel wrote:

Yeah, you can post anything here. (For images, just use imgur and for videos use YouTube and link in the forum post... very easy...)

Only one thing I have to complain is, I 'm not able to edit my post to make corrections…

Por syn

Prophet (2098)

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23-01-2015, 12:28

I am very interested because I want to learn about msx hardware /electronics in general

Por raymond

Hero (612)

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23-01-2015, 14:40

megatron wrote:


Is anyone interested in design and building Z80 MSX Hardware ?? Building hardware projects , add-ons or generally tinkering around with stuff.. If anyone is interested just leave a message. It would be good to get more people building hardware even attempting to build a Homebrew Z80 MSX machine !

I'm interested!

Por AxelStone

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23-01-2015, 14:49

Manuel wrote:

Why not simply use the hardware forum of this site?

+1. I think that the best option is to centralice all info related to MSX in this forum

Por Manuel

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23-01-2015, 21:55

ericb: you can edit it for a limited number of time.

Por syn

Prophet (2098)

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23-01-2015, 22:33

Why is it such a crime if someone wants to make a new msx site?? i'd say the more the better..

also, imho mrc forum isnt really suitable for posting lengthy guides/tutorials because of the edit restrictions (eg embedded picture/external links may change from time to time) and limited search functionality.

Por Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

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23-01-2015, 22:55

yes i think there are more sites to use than only mrc. like for hardware posts and mod info it would be nice to make a more tutorial like site

Por Daemos

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23-01-2015, 23:47

This forum does not suit the needs for certain developers. I myself had asked for a extra link in the downloads section. It was agreed it would be usefull but it never came to it. HW designers need even more. External links to schematics are not really helpfull and there are some more things that are required which are not included in the functions of this site. A special dedicated website for hardware development is really not a bad idea and the site can easily be linked to the MRC.

Por Lord_Zett

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24-01-2015, 00:04

but than with a good look. not like mrc is now.

Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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24-01-2015, 00:28

I can host developer work on gr8bit website (already do for some my and colleagues' projects). However I will be very demanding in the appearance and in the quality of content, with English part to be mandatory.

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