What happened to a Hardware Development site?

Por megatron

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06-05-2015, 14:13


I remember seeing a post about making a specific hardware development site for those interested in electronics and MSX stuff. Did anyone build a MSX hardware development site ? Or was it just my imagination !

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Por Grauw

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06-05-2015, 16:55

You’re referring to this thread (in the general forum)...

I’ll repeat my opinion from earlier, if the club is on hold until someone’s made a site, then it’s probably dead from the start. I would first build a community around hardware development in threads here or on Facebook or w/e, and only when it’s gained some traction make a dedicated site for it.

After all, the club is about people learning and developing hardware together, that’s the primary thing that needs to move forward, the rest will follow. Talk about hardware, not about websites :).

Por raymond

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09-05-2015, 19:11

Then start talking about hardware here to make a start Big smile

And when the time is there and if needed I am happy to host a site for this.