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Por Hydragon

Paladin (751)

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06-10-2022, 13:35

Nice gonna get it all downloaded and tomorrow late in the afternoon, I'm gonna go through all of them one by one, well SD has allready been done and finished Smile
And it will be an MSXDev Stream weekend on Twitch

Por ro

Scribe (4963)

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28-10-2022, 13:02

Just a quick update on MSXdev22

The jury team is wrapping up the last game scoring and we are prepping a results (ranking) sheet to get published. Expect the result within a week or two.

It is still possible to donate to - or sponsor the dev show until the moment of that publishing Smile I can already tell you that this year has an absolute record of donations in. Talk later.

Por ro

Scribe (4963)

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11-11-2022, 16:23

later tonight we will reveal the outcome of dev22. stand-by

Por Uninteresting

Champion (352)

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11-11-2022, 19:14

Many thanks for your hard work already before the results are made public :-)

Por SjaaQ

Champion (375)

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11-11-2022, 19:56

Congrats Fabulous 8bit with your 1st place!

Por ro

Scribe (4963)

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11-11-2022, 20:19

and with that, ladies and gentlemen, it is a wrap. Thank you for tuning in :)

Por aoineko

Paladin (1002)

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11-11-2022, 21:46

Congratulations to all participants!
There were many good games again this year.

Por Bengalack

Paladin (747)

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11-11-2022, 21:46

SjaaQ wrote:

Congrats Fabulous 8bit with your 1st place!

Thank you. And congrats with silver medal Smile Amazing surprise title you brought to the platform this year!

Por thegeps

Paragon (1189)

imagem de thegeps

12-11-2022, 01:33

Guys you were great! The two MSX2 entries were simply AMAZING. Well, I loved Lilly's Saga as soon as I've seen it (and even more as soon as I've played it) so it was the winner (for me) since then. But wow! What a great MSXdev this year too! Thanks to the MSXdev team and to the jury!

Por ro

Scribe (4963)

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21-11-2022, 15:22

With the results in, it is time to spend that money that's been kindly donated by you, the MSX scene!
In total we received 1660 euro for MSXdev22, an absolute record! We're feeling blessed and can only say THANK YOU!

The prize money is split between ranking 1-5, like this:

1660 rounded down to 1600:
1st place winner 40% €640 > "Lilly's Saga - The Stones of Evergreen" by Fabulous 8bit (572/600)
2nd place winner 30% €480 > "Sales Discontinued" by NOP (522/600)
3rd place winner 20% €320 >"DICED - Tournament" by Mi-Chi, Def Danny (475/600)
4th place winner 10% €160 > "Bufonada" by Roolandoo (466/600)
5th place winner left over €60 > "My Sacred Place" by Mario Cavalcanti (465/600)

All winners have received their prize and hope they enjoy it, well deserved!

next we'll hand out the sponsored items. The list for participants to choose an item from is:

"Retro Format" Magazine subscription (leftover MSXdev21)
MSX custom "Dust Cover" (leftover MSXdev21)
"MSXblog" t-shirt (leftover MSXdev21)
Book "Modern MSX Basic game development"
Book "Lucas Arts - The Chronicles: 1982-2013" (Eng)
Book "Fan book vol.1 - Zelda (The legend off)" (Eng)
MSX game cartridge "S.O.L.O."
MSX game cartridge "La Reliquia (the Relic)"
game of your choice from the Colecovision games collection (excl Donuts Man)
CD "Alice Dream Tournaments - Original Soundtrack"
CD "Alice Dream Tournaments - Original Soundtrack"
CD "Alice Dream Tournaments - Original Soundtrack"
Gift Card of 50 euros
MSX game cartridge "Pampas & Selene in the Maze of Demons"
MSX game "Angelic Warrior DEVA" digital edition.
MSX game "Angelic Warrior DEVA" digital edition.
MSX computer "Panasonic FS-A1"

thanks to sponsors, David F. Gisbert "TroMax", José Andrés (Konamito), Raul Portales, Côté Gamers, Bas Kornalijnslijper, UnEpic_Fran, Team DEVA, sdsnatcher73
for those items!

We will contact each winner by e-mail.

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