Freedom Fighter Freeware + commented source code

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Por thegeps

Paragon (1251)

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01-06-2022, 01:49

As I had already announced, from today (01/06/2022) Freedom Fighter becomes Freeware. So the game is freely (and for free) downloadable. At the same time I published the source code (fully commented in english) on Github and the video of the game's ending (including the post credit scene) on YouTube. Find all the links in this post. Soon it will be possible to download the ROM and play directly online on File-Hunter

YouTube Ending video:

Source code:


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Por tfh

Prophet (3426)

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01-06-2022, 10:00

Hi Giuseppe,
Congratulations again on this project. And also a very big thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community so we can learn from it
I'll try to add the ROM this evening. Please send it to me and I will dig out my laptop this evening.
Until then, TFH is Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Por edoz

Prophet (2501)

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01-06-2022, 14:23

It is always cool if someone shares his project! Very nice game!

Por thegeps

Paragon (1251)

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01-06-2022, 15:54

Thank you Smile


Enlighted (6976)

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01-06-2022, 22:04

Thanks a lot! Ecellent work !
I eager to see what comes next in the new "protocol" !

Por QBee Sam

Champion (297)

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02-06-2022, 09:17

Thank you very much!

Por mcolom

Champion (320)

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02-06-2022, 10:25

Very nice! It reminds me of Twinbee and Xevious Smile
What compiler did you use? I'd be good to mention it in the README or perhaps adding a Makefile.

Por thegeps

Paragon (1251)

imagem de thegeps

02-06-2022, 21:37

Yep, planning to write a readme file. I use Glass. About Twinbee...
You can use the Twinbee starship...
Looking into the code you can find 3 secret codes. Write them in the title screen (followed by enter):

WANNAFLY select starship
PLAYFORME music test


Por ray2day

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19-03-2023, 18:31

A bit late... but still:

Por thegeps

Paragon (1251)

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20-03-2023, 12:46

Thank you Smile
Oh and you posted it yesterday, so it was a nice birthday gift Wink

Por santiontanon

Paragon (1831)

imagem de santiontanon

20-03-2023, 13:35

Happy birthday thegeps! Smile

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