MSX dominating the game world again

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25-06-2022, 21:46

I was reading some documents and was wondering.....
Nishi (ASCII) is talking about MSX3 and asking all MSX users to forget Z80 and R800 and developing VM64 applications.

What if the new standard of MSX is based on Z80, so ez80, z380, or xx80 binary compatible with z80, a vdp which is capable of emulating v9918, v9938, v9958, v9998, so backwards compatible ,but this time GPU is manufactured by NVIDIA, high end, state of the art.
Audioprocessor DSP is manufactured by Roland (also japanaese).
Connectors are USB-C, HDMI, and some other due to compatibility (or converteres available)

A lot of 'outdated' hardware functionalities are emulated by use use 'non protected' technologies, like populon-cart instead of Konami's SCC(+), MSX AUDIO, MSX-MUSIC, etc.

The MSX should be 'hackable' and enthousiasts should be able to provide DEMOS, even state of the art oldschool DEMOS, to show where the console has its roots, so fully backwards compatible with TMS9918.

This sounds bit crazy, but possible....

With high tech sound, graphics GPU and excellent CPU, emulating is simple... Realtime raytracing, lots of Memory, people who turn to our system again, even publishers and game developers, is that not the ultimate goal?

I really like your comments.... (food for thought)

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26-06-2022, 01:09

  1. It'll be easy to see such a machine as a PC, not an MSX. Who bother with it then? This may sound odd, but during the MSX1-years of MSXdev'xx we already had MSX2/+/tR, and we already had g9k and OPL4, and we already had memory expansions 'n such. Yet, people picked MSX1 specs. Strange huh!
  2. Content. Or as that Microsoft nutjob Steve Ballmer would yell 'developers, developers, developers, developers'. Look, everyone can design a simple brick tile for MSX1. Designing a convincing brick tile for MSX2 is already more of a challenge, let alone some of the high-res screens from the G9k. The higher the specs the better the potential results, but you need better artists to get something from all that. If you raise the specs skyhigh, you may find there are only few artists who can do anything useful with it.