Any one remember the MSX easy speech - Hardware speech synth

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Por tfh

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23-07-2021, 20:03

inchl wrote:

hmmm,,. link above seems to be broken; server crashed, now fixed

Don't worry. He already has the files he was looking for ;-)

Por R Amy

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13-09-2022, 12:24

Just came across these posts. I designed and sold the Easi-Speech cartridge 35 years ago. I loved my MSX computer. Started off with a Sinclair Spectrum but really much preferred the MSX computer which I think I still have tucked-away in the loft. I got the advert placed in the MSX computing magazine in exchange for writing the Memory Jogging article in the same issue. The Easi-Speech didn't make me rich, I think I sold about 20 of them :-)

Por Danjovic

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13-09-2022, 16:06

Do you still have the schematics? Can you share it?

Por enribar

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13-09-2022, 17:25

Maybe it's not related to this speech device, but own a french speech synthesizer.
A french user (or other sources) told me that this device was used for MSX demonstrations in a mall in Paris (Lafayette maybe?).
I ask for more informations about.
One day I risky inserted the cart into the slot since the verse is not clear... A very first dump didn't succeeded...
But I heard sounds after typing some commands in Basic, so I suppose it works like the Texas Instruments Ti-99 speech synthesizer.
Sound volume was very low, but the cart is equipped with the audio jack, so I will try to connect some audio speakers.

Por hap

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13-09-2022, 19:45

Not schematics, but here's an emulator for Easi-Speech:

Like zoltari said, the speech chip is a GI SP0256-AL2.
Not sure if r/w address range is correct, for hardware it'd be simpler to just use A15 to select chip (but that makes MAME 'say' a long 'sssssssssssssssssss' at boot)

Por Orc

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28-01-2023, 12:39

I was just digging through the cupboard and found my Easi-speech cart, did a search and came across this thread! No idea if my cart still works, I have a Sony HitBit HB75P but it's in poor shape.
Actually the cart was cracked open many years ago and isn't in pristine condition either. But I still have the instruction manual. I can scan it via flatbed and upload it somewhere if there is interest? maybe?



Sample manual page

Por Orc

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29-01-2023, 08:09

I have uploaded a scan of the manual to here -
Easi-Speech Manual

Por edoz

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29-01-2023, 09:36

Really cool to see some obsolete hardware including manual here!

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