GXSCC beta236E

by snout on 10-11-2002, 15:30
Обсуждение: Music

Source: Gashi

About a week after the release of the Japanese GXSCC beta223, a newer, English version arrives.GXSCC enables you to play SMF, MID and RPC files on a software-emulated SCC chip. New in this version compared to beta223J:

  • The pre-process (acquisition of a music name, play time, etc.) of buffering was accelerated considerably. When strangely long music (it is damaged when the most.) is made to read, it is a measure for lapsing into the state near freezing.
  • Since processing may be taken if processing of caption-bar is left to Windows, it decided to process by GXSCC.
  • Max-voices increased. (from 36 to 46)
  • The volition to creation of the author has increased. ;)
  • Tone was not freed when specific conditions were fulfilled using some tones. The number of simultaneous pronunciation became fewer. (Sound may stop having come out finally) - fixed


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Paladin (1012)

Аватар пользователя POISONIC

27-09-2004, 16:36

Thats a nice program!!!!!!!

maybe he can make a vsti synth of it