internal msxdos and scc and game

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By RetroTechie

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20-04-2016, 16:34

Do it yourself FlashRom SCC (512K) not an option?

You could flash with MSX-DOS2, and use as DOS2 cartridge with the SCC chip available. Ideally using a version that can be disabled with a keypress @ boot time. Then at some other time, re-flash with a game ROM and use that - possibly SCC sound included.

On the NMS8245, internal slot 3-1 isn't used. Circuitry-wise an internal slot isn't difficult, but actual construction might be. Especially if you have as little space as inside a '8245. In this machine you could route a flat cable from the back slot under the mainboard, to a (Konami-sized?) cartridge under the keyboard.

Of course some wires on that flat cable would have to be re-wired or go into some add-on circuitry. And there isn't any rule that says you can't have slot 3-1 on the back and slot 2 on the inside...

Personally I'd pick another machine for such a mod. More internal space = more options what cartridge(s) to plug in.

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