LCD Controller Board Kits ? that work with msx RGB

By jpgrobler

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Аватар пользователя jpgrobler

03-08-2016, 08:28

I see quite a few LCD Controller Board Kits on ebay etc.
Is there any one of these that can be used to connect your msx to a lcd.
Some have AV input and most list PC-RGB (vga?) might i tb e possible that one wil accept our low freq RGB



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By SkalTura

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Аватар пользователя SkalTura

27-10-2016, 07:39

I used a scart scalar to connect my Sony HB700P to an LCD monitor.

Works great.
Only downside is that sometimes the signal is a bit messed up, and the image of the MSX is offscreen. So you then need to center the LCD monitor image again, but it only happens about ones a month or so...