Sony MSX2+ HitBit HB F1XDJ Keyboard Issue

By Gorlock

Supporter (11)

Аватар пользователя Gorlock

07-03-2017, 23:42

Greetings everyone,

I recently bought a Sony MSX2+ HitBit. The downward arrow of the keyboard only works if I press it down really hard. I opened it, cleaned the membrane, although it was already looking good. But it still behaves the same. Any suggestions? I also contacted Paulo Maluf for a new membrane, but doesn't look like he will be making new ones anytime soon.



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By DrWh0

Paladin (838)

Аватар пользователя DrWh0

08-03-2017, 20:31

Hi Gorlock Smile

Look if the terminal point (circle) of the keyboard is not damaged and check the spring just below that key, is very likely to be a problem with the spring, but check the terminal circle, if the terminal has scratches or lacks part of the "ink" yo have to repaint it with a circuit repairer or use graphite as temporary emergency solution

Kind Regards Wink

By Gorlock

Supporter (11)

Аватар пользователя Gorlock

08-03-2017, 22:52

Hi DrWh0,

Thank you for your reply. The spring is working fine. And the membrane doesn't look bad. Here are some pictures. On the second one, I marked where the terminals are. Please let me know what your thoughts are after examining these images.

Thanks again,
Kind regards,