Max. Capacity of ascii megarom controller, LZ93A13 and M60002-00125SP

By mk6262

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Аватар пользователя mk6262

27-06-2017, 13:33

Hi guys,

I got some questions during getting info of Ascii Megaflash. When I research the maximun size of the ascii cartridges, some items have 8Mb capacity. So I guess I could make use of two AM29F040s and will get megaflashrom.
However, I don't see any guy using the original 8Mb PCB and any post in the web.

Is it impossible to make it in that PCBs, otherwise any hidden issues for making them?

Last, if I succeed, does the work with the mix of two flash devices? If yes, what's the maximum sizes of ascii mega controllers such as LZ93A13 and M60002? For my 8Mb cartridges, they have LZ93A13.


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By Jipe

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Аватар пользователя Jipe

27-06-2017, 14:40

Hi download this file on MSXvillage


voici donc le petit livret blanc du MSX et tout ses secrets sur la SRAM ASCII et plus

By mk6262

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Аватар пользователя mk6262

17-07-2017, 06:02

Hello, Jipe

Thank you for your information and sorry for the late reply.
Recently, I tried to make my own megaflash rom cartridges using TA-1M (8K and 16K mapper M60002) PCBs, and made great success to flash the mega-rom games including multi-rom :-)

BTW, when I tried to use my Konami SCC megaflash cartrige, dectects my cartridge as "Flash SCC 512", but when I tried to use my ascii 8K/16K cartidge, it displays "Flash ASCII 1024 v1".
So I looked into the using HxD, detects various cartridges such as:

1) Flash ASCII 512
2) Flash ASCII 1024 v1 (My ASCII 8K/16K cartridges are detected as v1)
3) Flash ASCII 1024 v2
4) Flash SCC 512 (My SCC cartridge are detected as SCC 512;no problem)
5) Flash SRAM ??K (Is this kinda mega-ram cartridge or something like..?)
6) LPE Flash

Anyway, do you know the what is the difference bet. v1 and v2? At first, I implemted just one 29F040, detects as ASCII 1024 v1, but, my two 29F040 (8Mb) flashes was detected as ASCII 1024 v1, too.

Thank you.


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17-07-2017, 08:09

you should ask Manuel Pazos, he did opf

By Gregory

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Аватар пользователя Gregory

11-05-2023, 11:05

Can the LZ93A13 be replaced with traditional logic like the 74LS670?