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By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1428)

Аватар пользователя Kai Magazine

01-08-2018, 23:50

Cyberpunk returns to the MSX!


Yesterday July 31, Life on Earth for msx2 and v9990 was released.
We started sending the digital versions and in a couple of weeks we will start sending the physical versions.

Game features:

This game has grown to be the best game we did so far.
I learned a lot during its development and ended up surpassing Myths and Dragons by far in all aspects: Graphics, playability, addiction, performance, stability…
We did put extra emphasis on the playability part and thanks to a group of very professional beta-testers, the game has changed a lot from previous versions and ended up being extraordinarily playable and varied.

The game has stages in which you must run for your life, travel with a futuristic bike, fly on a jet pack, explore dark areas with amazing transparency effects only seen on some 16 bits consoles, etc.

The game has an interesting story with a nice animated intro, visual stages and 2 endings!

The game plays as the classic arcade games from late 80’s such as Shinobi, Bad dudes vs dragon-ninja, Sly-spy, Shadow Dancer and many many others.

The game has 3 levels of difficulty.

The levels can be memorized, but the game will throw small non-random changes at you, depending on how you play.

Bosses: The bosses are modular (made by sections or pieces). Most of them have a weak spot which once you discover it, you will be able to defeat it in seconds (if you do it right).

There are 2 different endings.

There are also 2 secret achievements which once you unlock, you will be able to use whenever you want:
-One rewarded for those who manage to finish the game without continuing (with 1 credit)
-And the other for those who manage to finish it in the hardest level (with this achievement you will be able to play with the protagonist, naked!)

Hardware and performance:
This game requires a v9990 graphics card (Powergraph, Graphics9000, Krakengraph, etc.)

The game also supports the following sound chips:
-FM pac (2+ and turbo R internal fm is also compatible)
-Music module
-Fm pac AND Music module both playing at the same time
-Opl4 (Moonsound, Shockwave, Dalsori, etc)

The game works on any msx2 with 64k of ram on fm pac and/or music module without any slow downs, the performance will be the same as with a turbo R (exept turbo-r load times will be faster).

Opl4 sound chip requieres 128k of Ram. Any non-turbo z80 with opl4 will suffer small slow downs in occasions due to the high cpu consumption of the opl4 sound chip.

The game has optimizations for Panasonic 2+, one chip, Zemmix and Turbo R which will grant faster load times and a perfect speed even using opl4 sound chip.

The soundtrack, created by Leo Bytes (Manuel Dopico) is absolutely amazing on fm and spectacular on opl4. Check the Youtube videos!
He is a professional musician and he is creating a CD of the soundtrack which will be available in 2 weeks aprox, just before the cartridge shipments begin, so if you want to include the CD soundtrack with the game, there will be no extra shipping costs.
The price of the CD soundtrack will be 9,90 euro.

The game in digital format is 12 Euro.
The cartridge version is 42 euro + shipping.
Shipping costs are 10,80 for Europe and 12,80 for the rest of the world.

You can order now at our online shop:

Or you can just contact us at:

And as always, thank you for keeping the MSX alive!


Fm VS opl4 comparison:

Some stages:


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By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3675)

Аватар пользователя sd_snatcher

02-08-2018, 01:35

Awesome! Congratulations for yet another great project conclusion, Kai!

I'm very glad I purchased this game in the pre-order. Awesome parallax in the bike stage, and impressive lighting/shadow effects in the factory stage. Playability is excellent and well polished!

And the soundtrack is feast for the ears too!

Your V9990 games are proving that, if the MSX3 had ever been released, it would have been a serious contender in the 16bit era.

By ToriHino

Paladin (927)

Аватар пользователя ToriHino

02-08-2018, 19:29

Looks like a great release, and finally again some additional software for the V9990 as well! Cool

By lintweaker

Champion (474)

Аватар пользователя lintweaker

03-08-2018, 09:10

Looks great! Nice to see V9990 software. Ordered the digital version.

By iamweasel2

Paladin (722)

Аватар пользователя iamweasel2

03-08-2018, 22:53

Really beautiful ! Congratulations ! Smile

Does it work with the V9990 emulation on openMSX ?

By Ritter

Supporter (6)

Аватар пользователя Ritter

03-08-2018, 22:57

Wow!!! Congratulations!!!
I purchased this game in the pre-order, cartridge version.

By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1428)

Аватар пользователя Kai Magazine

03-08-2018, 23:07

Thank you!
Yes, it does work on openmsx (with turbo r emulation). We had to put some extra effort to make it work on openmsx, as we did with Myths and Dragons, but I belive it is worth it, as far as everyone can enjoy it Wink

By Manuel

Ascended (19685)

Аватар пользователя Manuel

03-08-2018, 23:31

Congratulations on the release and as always we're happy to hear in detail what was different in real MSX and emulated MSX. The more info we get (especially if there's a small test included), the bigger the chance we can/will fix it.

By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1428)

Аватар пользователя Kai Magazine

03-08-2018, 23:43

Thank you Manuel,
I did send you guys a detailed report on the bug when I was developing myths and Dragons, 8 or 9 months ago.
You answered me and located the issue with precision, but concluded it was too much work to calibrate the blitter speed and no updates on the v9990 emulation have been made since, as far as I know.
Therefore the problem persists and it is the same in this new game and all my future games as long as this is not fixed, but no problem, as I told you I found a way to patch it within the msx code (but Turbo R emulation is needed to do the fix, that is why the game only works correctly with turbo r emulation).

Also, some Opl4 sounds lack a long natural auto-fade (like 20 seconds long) on openmsx and they keep the same volume for ever. Something that I couldn't manage to fix from my end, unfortunately...

Anyway, keep up the good work! I am looking forward to your next update!

By Manuel

Ascended (19685)

Аватар пользователя Manuel

03-08-2018, 23:59

For the OPL4 issue, can you please test the latest development build of openMSX? There have been some OPL4 fixes.


Champion (390)

Аватар пользователя MISXTOR

04-08-2018, 00:30

Awesome game!!!!!

I have enjoyed playing this game. The playability is outstanding. It´s an intense game. I must be very attentive, the enemies can show up anytime. I love KAI's intros/scenes too.

The music is fantastic. The soundtrack is excellent. Dopico has made an amazing work.

I think Life on Earth has reached a new V9990 level. I have played Mtyhs and Dragons and, in my opinion, Life On Earth has made a step forward.

Congratulations, KAI Magazine & Manuel Dopico.

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