a Simple SCC Cartridge PCB

By Catsper

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24-01-2020, 23:46

Hi all,

im trying to find a simple schematic of a Konami 512KB ROM + SCC, i.e. i would like to reproduce the PCB with an either genuine SCC part or a FPGA/CPLD SCC, i know of the MegaFlashROM, but is there a more simple project out there that is just a simple FPGA or circuit diagram? i dont mind spinning the PCB myself.

Thanks all!

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By zPasi

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Аватар пользователя zPasi

26-01-2020, 12:16

That depends, if you have that genuine SCC or not.

The only open source design with FPGA, that I'm aware, is Carnivore (II). I'm not sure if you would consider it simple.

By Pentarou

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26-01-2020, 19:50

There used to be a few projects on the MSX Village forum.
There's also FABF's EPM240 devboard.

By Catsper

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Аватар пользователя Catsper

27-01-2020, 11:03

Thanks for the comments guys.

So lets say i have a genuine SCC chip, in its physical form. are there any schematics for how the SCC chip is connected to the ROM and the cartridge edge connector?

i have looked into the Carnivore II and the Rookie Drive, both looks super cool, the Rookie Drive doesnt have a built in SCC, the Mega Flash SCC+ does have a FPGA implemented SCC, this could be a good option.

however, i should note.. i would like something as simple and as genuine to the real experience/hardware as possible.. to use an actual SCC on a PCB with the game in ROM.. would be my ideal situation.

By Pentarou

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27-01-2020, 11:11

For the SCC connections just check the wiki.

If you want something simple, you should mod an original cartridge: Just replace the ROM with a Flash (or SRAM).

By gdx

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Аватар пользователя gdx

27-01-2020, 11:42

Pennant Race is a good candidate to make it for not too expensive.